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Developing Applications that work with iPhone OS Accessories WWDC 2010 Session 201
Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Your application sits on the iPhone OS, and has access to frameworks and services offered by that OS such as the External Accessory framework and Audio Services. Accessories then connect through the hardware interfaces, the 30-pin with includes UART and USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi
Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X WWDC 2013 Session 700
Bluetooth, and Bluetooth low energy of course. And why we like wireless so much is that the consumer gets to keep the device in their pocket or in their hand, and they don't have to worry about walking over to it and plugging in it or having a forgetting
Core Bluetooth WWDC 2013 Session 703
Bluetooth here at Apple and it's a honor and a privilege to spend a few minutes to talk to you guys about what we're doing specifically in CoreBluetooth, but in some sense of what we're doing in Bluetooth in general. And in a major way where we
What's New in Core Audio WWDC 2014 Session 501
Bluetooth connection and sitting down on a couch on the other side of the room of your studio and controlling all of your music. That's what you'll be able to do with MIDI over Bluetooth. So starting in iOS 8 and in Mac OS X Yosemite, you'll
Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X WWDC 2014 Session 701
Bluetooth. We've got some interesting new Bluetooth features this year. First up, Bluetooth Low Energy. Now, this isn't the new interface to our device. We already support general communication, which are applications via the core Bluetooth framework, and we support the Apple Notification Center service, which allows your
Core Bluetooth 101 WWDC 2012 Session 703
Bluetooth technologies on iOS platforms. So this is Core Bluetooth 101, this is not basket weaving. If you were looking for that, you're in the wrong room. Core Bluetooth 101, primarily an API that focuses on Bluetooth Low Energy, which is a new technology that was ratified by the
Simplifying Networking Using Bonjour WWDC 2010 Session 205
Bluetooth. So you don't have to pair Bluetooth. You don't have to configure it. You don't have to set up the Bluetooth panel, configure the IP addresses. You just use the Bonjour APIs and when you're resolved, we will actually bring up an IP network over
Deploying AirPrint in Enterprise WWDC 2016 Session 725
Bluetooth Beacons as a way to discover printers using Bluetooth low-energy beacons. Configuring a DNS server to advertise AirPrint printers is easy. First, the configured DNS server must be in the list of DNS servers used by the iOS devices and Macs you want printers to appear. There are
Writing Energy Efficient Code, Part 2 WWDC 2014 Session 712
Bluetooth. So, with the advancement of Bluetooth low energy, Bluetooth accessories are now becoming increasingly popular. And with Core Bluetooth introduced in iOS 5, it's now easier than ever to integrate Bluetooth accessories with your iOS app, right? This will allow you to provide rich features such as health
What’s New in Core Location WWDC 2013 Session 307
Bluetooth device like an iPad and if we set a field around if we start advertising a particular packet from that Bluetooth device and we can basically end up creating a field around the device that is roughly a circle and if a customer walked by the store and then
What's New in HomeKit WWDC 2015 Session 210
Bluetooth Low Energy. So we are working with several of our partners to bring more Bluetooth Low Energy accessories that that work with HomeKit. Let's say a Bluetooth door lock. Now, if you are within Bluetooth LE range within this accessory, let's say a door lock, say 20 to
Harnessing iOS to Create Magic in Your Apps WWDC 2013 Session 310
Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Low Energy. And we quote and those Bluetooth Low Energy signals can have specific IDs. Your app can tell Core Location, "Hey I'm interested in ID XYZ or 123 this Bluetooth LE ID." When Core Location senses that ID, it wakes your app up and you
Enhancing VoIP Apps with CallKit WWDC 2016 Session 230
Bluetooth, and even get do not disturb and blocked functionality. That is CallKit. [ Applause ] All right. So today we're going to go over the architecture of CallKit and incoming call flow, and outgoing call flow, and then end with some more details about the API. So let's get
Developing CarPlay Systems, Part 1 WWDC 2016 Session 722
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are required. Bluetooth is used for discovery and the initial connection. Once the Wi-Fi credentials are sent to the iPhone over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is connected, Bluetooth is disconnected, and all subsequent CarPlay communication is over Wi-Fi. During the CarPlay session, all audio, including
What’s New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2013 Session 203
Bluetooth and you've paired up with a Bluetooth Central or a peripheral in your application, we can now state restore those things for you as well. So UIApplicationLaunchOptions BluetoothCentralsKey, when you get the state restoration method callback, one of these things in the userInfo dictionary will be the all
Nearby Networking with Multipeer Connectivity WWDC 2013 Session 708
Bluetooth on and also has Wi-Fi on. The device on top will have only Bluetooth on, so Wi-Fi's off. And the device on the right will have Wi-Fi on and no Bluetooth. So you would think that the device on top and the device on the
Advanced Performance Analysis with Instruments WWDC 2010 Session 309
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Instruments are actually tracking the user preference for these radios. And it's pretty important to understand when you're recording a trace and comparing two traces what the current state of your radio's worth. So if the user had turned on Bluetooth, your device
Network Apps for iPhone OS, Part 2 WWDC 2010 Session 208
Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi. They come and go on different life cycles. Bluetooth is easy when you resolve a Bonjour service, the Bluetooth interface comes up. We talked about that earlier today. And so if you're confused by it, take a look at the video for the Bonjour session
Focus Interaction on tvOS WWDC 2016 Session 215
Bluetooth keyboards, and the new remote app. And sometimes users might feel more comfortable using one of these other input devices in order to control their Apple TV, and tvOS helps you support all of these through a user interaction model that we call Focus. With Focus interaction, users indirectly
Keynote WWDC 2013 Session 100
Bluetooth Low Energy. The cars can control their speed and they steer on the track by doing the same computations your brain does when you drive. They sense where they're located and they react to their surroundings all in real time. This red car, he's our hero, Aidan
Increase Usage of Your App With Proactive Suggestions WWDC 2016 Session 240
Bluetooth pair to your car or your speakers, if there's an app that you usually use in that circumstance, the system will learn that, and then offer not only that app, but that app's content. And we're going to talk today about how you can build a
What's New in HealthKit WWDC 2015 Session 203
Bluetooth scales that automatically track weights and Sleeptrackers that measure your sleep activities. We find the possibility of automatic quantified health data syncing to HealthKit on your device to be powerful. We also add data types based on existence of software, whether there are popular apps that already exist to
Mastering UIKit on tvOS WWDC 2016 Session 210
Bluetooth keyboards. So if you pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard, and you just type right on there. We have the new Apple TV Remote app so that users can pair their phone with their TV and they can type right on their phone's keyboard to send text to
Introducing Swift Playgrounds WWDC 2016 Session 408
Bluetooth. So I'm going to switch over to this other iPad really quickly. And here, I have a playground that uses core Bluetooth to talk to a peripheral. I have a Sphero SPRK Plus here, and what we can do is I'm going to place this on the
Delivering an Exceptional Audio Experience WWDC 2016 Session 507
Bluetooth and AirPlay destination. So if this is your application's use case, go ahead and set the category and the options, and then let the user pick the route from either an MPVolumeView or Control Center. We're also adding a new property for VoIP apps on our AVAudioSessionPortDescription
Kids and Apps WWDC 2014 Session 717
Bluetooth, because Bluetooth has a persistent identifier that can be tracked across devices and across locales and so even use of Bluetooth makes you subject to COPPA. So, let me show you some demos of some applications that are PII free. This one is called Bonsai Slice. It's a
Networking with NSURLSession WWDC 2015 Session 711
Bluetooth connection between them, perform the HTTP loads on the phone itself, and deliver the results back to the watch over Bluetooth. If the user happens to be out and away from their phone, but with their watch, and the watch is connected to a known Wi-Fi network, then
What's New in HomeKit WWDC 2016 Session 710
Bluetooth low energy. When the user is away from their home, remote access to their accessories at home is provided via the Apple TV, which acts as a remote access gateway. And Apple TV then securely channels the communication between the user's device and their accessories, which are at
WatchKit In-Depth, Part 2 WWDC 2015 Session 208
bluetooth device. Now, let me show you how to do this in code. Let's say you are trying to present this media player from your interface controller. The first thing you do is to figure out the URL for the content. Suppose you have a simple movie from your
What's New in Apple Device Management WWDC 2016 Session 303
Bluetooth. Now, this is extremely important in the Classroom case since Classroom relies on Bluetooth to connect its student and teacher devices. So here are some restrictions that were introduced before supervision was created. And we talked last year about how in a future iOS release we'd like to
What's New in Core Audio WWDC 2015 Session 507
Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI devices, it's a feature that we debuted last year. It's an NS window controller subclass, and that view looks like this, so you can now embed this directly into your OS X application if you choose to do so. One more for you. We
Core OS Networking WWDC 2010 Session 200
Bluetooth connectivity for free. On the desktop OS it's worth noting that we also have some additional capabilities if you are providing a service; for example, file sharing or some other service that if you're running on top of Snow Leopard, that we provide this capability called sleep
Protecting your Users’ Privacy WWDC 2013 Session 714
Bluetooth on iOS. And in iOS 7 we're going to be adding two new data classes, Microphone and Camera in some regions only. And for the social side of things in iOS, we support all the same classes as OS X, Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, and we're adding
Introducing HealthKit WWDC 2014 Session 203
Bluetooth heart rate monitor or the step tracker in your phone. Metadata is an important part of the extensibility of an object. You can create an object with whatever metadata you like. Note that metadata is a regular NSDictionary except it can only store strings as keys and strings, numbers
Designing for Game Controllers WWDC 2014 Session 611
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And Bluetooth devices or sorry the two devices need to be signed into the same iCloud account. Since this is a new feature, let me walk you through the flow of what happens. So we've installed the game on the iPad. It is not installed
Taking Core Location Indoors WWDC 2014 Session 708
Bluetooth and advertise beacons with them. So if you have a point of sale device, you can turn that into a beacon as well, and we can use these beacons to advertise that, "Hey, I have a region over here," and your application can register to get notified when the
Cross Platform Nearby Networking WWDC 2014 Session 709
Bluetooth, Infrastructure Wi-Fi, and Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi. On OS X we will support Ethernet, Infrastructure Wi-Fi, and Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi, as well. So I'd like to talk about Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi for a moment. Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi enables you
What's New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2015 Session 107
bluetooth-enabled accessories can be automatically bridged over Wi-Fi. Even if you are out of Bluetooth range with an accessory, you can still control it. Finally, we've included standard definitions of a number of new items within your house. For CloudKit, we have updated the limits and the
Inclusive App Design WWDC 2016 Session 801
Bluetooth Braille Display. So when you're trying to ship an app, it always feels like there isn't enough time and there aren't enough resources and it only gets worse the closer you get to the end. So that's why it's important to plan to make
Designing Great Apple Watch Experiences WWDC 2016 Session 804
Bluetooth ranges might create communication delays or remote delays. Apps that allow people to control physical devices, like garage doors or window blinds, might be unable to provide completion feedback until those devices have fully opened or closed. And some services such as food delivery or ride-ordering apps may
What's New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2016 Session 205
Bluetooth. That's a major new feature for a mobile hone. [ Applause ] We can learn all about that in the Enhancing Voice Over IP apps with CallKit. I'd like to talk about Siri. So, you might not know about that. But Siri is actually something that is different, depending
What's New in tvOS WWDC 2016 Session 206
Bluetooth accessories from iOS. We're also shipping a brand new Apple TV remote app. And finally, users can set their system appearance to light or dark. And when you're actually building apps, you have many options. You might want to use UIKit as your baseline and take advantage
What’s New in Passbook WWDC 2013 Session 302
Bluetooth. And the way that we're using that since Core Location provides, of course, APIs to pick up that broadcast is that we can now make passes relevant whenever they're near one of these devices. And that allows you a ton of extra flexibility. It means that you
Improving Existing Apps with Modern Best Practices WWDC 2016 Session 213
Bluetooth. And take the view controllers as is over the tvOS. Well, there we go. I have paired my Siri remote to my Mac so I can use it with the simulator. It's exactly the same code from before, same view, same table view, all that stuff is there
What's New in Instruments WWDC 2010 Session 304
Bluetooth, etcetera. We also have another really cool new instrument called the Automation instrument. This is totally awesome. You can actually use it to automate and exercise your app. So you can simulate clicking on various controls in your iPhone app and if you use it in conjunction with say
Introducing SiriKit WWDC 2016 Session 217
Bluetooth hearing aid. And it adapts what it oh, and in another case, it can recognize settings such as voice over, which is Apple's technology for reading out the visual elements on screen. And it again, adapts its behavior to help these users complete their tasks. So, that's
Accessibility in iOS WWDC 2013 Session 202
Bluetooth switch with this device and right out right off the bat, we're supporting a large number of external switches that will work for you. And so, as this cursor scans the interface, I wait for, you know, what I'm interested in to be selected, and then I
What's New in SpriteKit WWDC 2016 Session 610
Bluetooth controllers and many, many more. If you want to learn more about focus interaction on Apple TV, there is a session this week and you can find many more resources online. All right, so the big news here is that we have SpriteKit support for focus interaction. So, that
Optimizing Core Data Performance on iPhone OS WWDC 2010 Session 137
Bluetooth, or you know reaching out into the 3G cloud and pulling something off a web server somewhere and as we all know there's different responsiveness requirements on different platforms. It's perfectly acceptable, or you know people have learned to live with on a desktop system, things like
Introducing Watch Connectivity WWDC 2015 Session 713
Bluetooth or over Wi-Fi, but if the user leaves their Watch at home, takes their phone with them to work, the devices won't be connected and interactive messaging is not going to work in this case. The second condition that needs to be met for Reachable to be
What's New in Core Location WWDC 2015 Session 714
Bluetooth radio running all the time and we can save some power. On the iOS side, on the phone you can use this API on Core Location in order to indicate that right now you are running in such a latency tolerant mode and you don't need to be
Designing for Apple Watch WWDC 2015 Session 802
Bluetooth enabled hearing aids that could be controlled by your Apple Watch. This is a natural fit for Apple Watch because it is now really convenient to discretely check and adjust the settings of your hearing aid. There are various preset options that you can choose from. You can modify
Accessibility on iPhone OS WWDC 2010 Session 122
Bluetooth Braille so you can connect a Braille display, we have a way for you to change the language on the fly and we have some great new ways to type. All of these make VoiceOver even better in 4.0. So let's turn on VoiceOver and see what happens
Building Watch Apps WWDC 2015 Session 108
Bluetooth headphones, it would then route there as well. And you can do audio recording, so for the first time, you can get access to the mic on the Watch itself and provide a great experience. And you have access to the Keychain now, so you can provide a really
Supporting the Enterprise with OS X Automation WWDC 2015 Session 306
Bluetooth with Wi-Fi so that mobile devices can easily recognize and transfer files to a computer. And we're going to use both of those technologies when we address this task. Now you'll notice that in this connective scenario that we have here, where we have the computers
What’s New in Foundation Networking WWDC 2013 Session 705
Bluetooth networks automatically. The peer to peer Wi-Fi is new support in iOS 7. There's also a new option for publishing a service which automatically creates a listening socket for you. So when you create your NSNetService to publish it, you need to specify this new option NSNetService
Keynote WWDC 2015 Session 101
Bluetooth headset or speaker connected, both short-form and long-form audio. Video. We know you wanted to play video. You can play back short-form video right on the Watch face. It looks beautiful on the Watch display. Access to HealthKit. We definitely heard that. You now will have
Getting the Most Out of HealthKit WWDC 2016 Session 209
Bluetooth thermometer and app that writes data into HealthKit. Your application has been in the App Store for a few days, but your users discover a problem. In certain locales, instead of saving 98 degrees Fahrenheit, you actually save 98 degrees Celsius. That's a bit warm. But in this
What’s New in Camera Capture WWDC 2013 Session 610
Bluetooth or not, lots of goodness there. And new in iOS 7 they have some great new features for microphone selection that they talked about in yesterday's session, where you can select a specific microphone, top or bottom, back or front, and you can even set polar patterns. For
Advanced Topics in Internationalization WWDC 2014 Session 201
Bluetooth. And of course if you want to simulate it, there's an optional Simulator to do that as well. So what does this mean for your apps? Well, if you have an app like this, which has a toolbar above the keyboard, the important thing to keep in mind
Apple Watch Accessibility WWDC 2015 Session 204
Bluetooth-paired headsets with their Apple Watch. So let's see these in action. Okay. So let's start with VoiceOver. You can turn on VoiceOver one of three ways. You can use the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, the Settings app on the Apple Watch, or if you
Accessibility on iOS WWDC 2014 Session 210
Bluetooth headset. And that improves call quality dramatically. Finally, let's look at the broad area of vision. When the iPhone was first introduced, many people were concerned that blind users would not be able to take advantage of its features. Because if you think about it, how do you
Debugging Energy Issues WWDC 2015 Session 708
Bluetooth, and you'll see how long they were on, when they were on, when they were off, and so on. You will see how many packets were sent out of each interface, what was the CPU activity. At the top, you will see an energy usage level, which with
Motion Tracking with the Core Motion Framework WWDC 2014 Session 612
Bluetooth or so on and so forth, it's going to be able to detect your driving state pretty quickly, so that's really cool. Cycling is new, something we introduced in iOS 8. Cycling is very challenging, and again you need the dynamics and so it's going to
Managing Mobile Devices WWDC 2010 Session 108
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Mac addresses, etc. What can you do with this information? You can tell if a user is roaming. You can tell if a user is roaming with their data roaming turned on and you can tell them to turn it off. You can tell when the
AVKit on tvOS WWDC 2016 Session 506
Bluetooth keyboards, game controllers, and of course, infrared universal remotes. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to deal with this? I'm Dan Wright and today I'll be talking about how you can accomplish all this easily with AVKit. AVKit provides modern playback with a
Introduction to Notifications WWDC 2016 Session 707
Bluetooth beacons and determining if your device is entering or leaving the region you can send notification to the user. Examples of this is when the user is leaving their home and the device is leaving that proximity, or say that the user is at a grocery store and your
Introducing WatchKit for watchOS 2 WWDC 2015 Session 105
Bluetooth headphones. We've got another API that is really great for playing back this long-form audio. If you're familiar with the AV foundation APIs you know how to use these. They're very, very similar. The one difference between this and the AV foundation APIs that you
Getting Started with CareKit WWDC 2016 Session 237
Bluetooth device. So in the Texas Medical Center app, John jumped onto his smart scale, and it automatically updated the data and CareKit app. So that's where the delegate comes in. In order to present the appropriate assessment, you have to implement the Symptom Tracker delegate which provides a
Developing CarPlay Systems, Part 2 WWDC 2016 Session 723
Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile and there was an ongoing phone call, the call uses mainAudio exclusively. The phone call cannot be interrupted. So what happens if the user gets a phone call on the CarPlay device? The CarPlay call rings only on the device as it should not interrupt the