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What's New in Swift WWDC 2015 Session 106
Swift 2, I think it is important to point out that Swift 1.2 was also a huge update. It was released just three months ago. Because of time limitations, we don't have time to talk about it much. But if you're interested and you haven't seen it
Swift API Design Guidelines WWDC 2016 Session 403
Swift 2 is going to change in some sense in Swift 3. Whooh! Yes! [ Applause ] So, we're going to talk through what that means for your code. And how to deal with it. And starting thinking in Swift 3. Finally, we're going to talk about some new tools
What's New in Swift WWDC 2016 Session 402
Swift 2. We will start with array and append contents of. With Swift 3, this gets chopped in half. The verb append, the operation is now the operation. Contents of is something that describes the role of the parameter you pass in. Now it's an argument label that gets
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2015 Session 102
Swift 2. We look forward to working even more closely with you all, incorporating both your ideas and your code contributions as well. So there's been a lot written about Swift, and we're not going to go through all the quotes, but one of our favorite was when
What's New in Xcode WWDC 2015 Session 104
Swift 2, building on the new programming language we introduced last year. Swift 2 is faster across the board, not only will your apps run faster when you're running and debugging in Xcode, more importantly, they'll run faster on customer devices. Swift 2 also includes a number of
What's New in Foundation for Swift WWDC 2016 Session 207
Swift 2 as you know, these important to the global namespace as well. But that doesn't feel like native Swift. Swift supports nested types, and so in Swift 3 we made the decision to relocate these types to be declared inside, where they're destined to. So NumberFormatter now
Swift in Practice WWDC 2015 Session 411
Swift 2 to easily allow your application to take advantage of new APIs while deploying to earlier releases. We talked about this briefly in earlier sessions. We are going to really dive into the philosophy of how it's designed, the problems it was solving, and how best to use
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2016 Session 102
Swift 2 is that the feel of some APIs in Cocoa didn't feel natural in Swift. Swift loves clarity and it aims to define away boilerplate. On Swift 3, Cocoa APIs have an elegant feel. You could say they're totally Swifty. Now, we did this with a number
Keynote WWDC 2015 Session 101
Swift 2. Now, Swift was designed from the beginning to be fast, and we've continued to roll out targeted optimizations all year long, and now with Swift 2, we have an all-new optimization technology that's especially great for complex applications and object-oriented programming that we call
What's New in Cocoa WWDC 2016 Session 203
Swift 2 code to Swift 3 and it will help you with all this new naming in your existing code, of course. And the Swift API Design Guidelines talk, which took place just before this one, you can catch this on video for a lot more details on these guidelines
Optimizing Swift Performance WWDC 2015 Session 409
Swift 2, we made two major improvements to Whole Module Optimizations. So first, we added new optimizations that rely on Whole Module Optimization mode. So your programs are likely to run faster. And second, we were able to parallelize some parts of the compilation pipeline. So compiling projects in Whole
CloudKit Tips and Tricks WWDC 2015 Session 715
Swift 2. I'm pleased to announce with iOS 9, the experience of using CloudKit from Swift is much better. Let me give you a couple of examples of what I'm talking about. Up until now, you had to use the old set object for key, object for key
What's New in Cocoa WWDC 2015 Session 202
Swift 2 brings an amazing error handling facility. What that means is for a method like this on NSData write to URL options error, it now looks like this in Swift. The Boolean return value goes away, it is now implicit. And the error, the by reference NSError parameter, also
Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift WWDC 2015 Session 408
Swift 2, we used protocol extensions to make them into methods like this, which is awesome, right? Now, everybody focuses on the improvement this makes at the call site, which is now clearly chock full of method-y goodness, right? But as the guy writing binarySearch, I love what it
What's New in LLDB WWDC 2015 Session 402
Swift 2 support, because, of course, the language continues to evolve, as well as Objective-C support in terms of advanced handling for modules. Some of this we'll cover in depth, but some of it is really just behind the scenes. If you go digging, you may notice, for
Authoring Rich Playgrounds WWDC 2015 Session 405
Swift 2's error handling feature. So I'll indicate to the compiler that I know it can throw an error with the Try keyword and add an exclamation point at the end because I don't want to add a bunch of error handling code that's not instructive
Building Apps with ResearchKit WWDC 2015 Session 213
Swift 2. 0. So what are some of the important properties of the base class. The first and probably the most key property is the identifier and this is a string that you the developer provide. It could be a human readable string, or it could be a UUID, or
What's New in Core Audio WWDC 2015 Session 507
Swift 2, this new if # available. If will allow you to deploy the same code in iOS 9 that you can deploy to earlier iOS's. So only if you are on iOS 9 or greater, you can or in this extra option, Interrupt Spoken Audio and Mix with Others
Extending your App with Safari App Extensions WWDC 2016 Session 214
Swift code. There are 2 ways for Safari app extension to modify the contents of the webpage. extensions can inject CSS style sheets and JavaScript content scripts into pages. Let's take a look at how to inject a style sheet. Stylesheets are injected by specifying them in the app
Introduction to Swift WWDC 2014 Session 402
2. Now we'll go into a lot more detail on initialization in the Intermediate Swift Talk but, for now, one final thing to note: Swift initializers don't return a value. Rather, their main role is to make sure that every stored property has a value by the time
Advanced Swift Debugging in LLDB WWDC 2014 Session 410
2, you get the idea, and the results of your Swift expressions will be stored in variables names $R0, $R1, and you get the idea. Let's see an example of how this whole system works. We're stopped in a Cocoa frame. The F command tells, tells us the
Creating Complications with ClockKit WWDC 2015 Session 209
Swift in projects so you can take code written in an existing app and pull it over into your new watchOS 2 app and as long as you include the header for that in your Swift bridging header, it will just work, which is cool. So here is my soccer
Low Energy, High Performance: Compression and Accelerate WWDC 2015 Session 712
Swift arrays. Those will be our vectors. We can call this C BLAS Saxpy function, which will multiply X by 2 and add to Y and store the result in Y. There is a bunch of other information we need to pass because this is an API that takes raw
Introduction to LLDB and the Swift REPL WWDC 2014 Session 409
Swift integer class that makes it be doublable. So calling twice on an integer now returns 2 times that integer. Using that protocol, I've implemented a generic function that knows how to get 4 times something by doubling it twice. The REPL can mess around with this stuff too
Intermediate Swift WWDC 2014 Session 403
Swift, we model problems like these using the optional type. The optional type represents possibly missing values of any type whatsoever. The optional type has 2 discrete states; a default, nil state, which represents literally the absence of any value whatsoever and optionals are defaulted to nil. You've probably
What's New in Xcode 6 WWDC 2014 Session 401
2, we'd like to introduce a new games landing screen that shows users their in progress and completed games. And of course we'd like to do it in Swift. Now, my designer has already updated the storyboard to include this table view controller shown here. All we need
Audio Unit Extensions WWDC 2015 Session 508
2 Audio Unit API, we have scope- and element-based properties. A large number of properties are in the global scope so you have a bunch of code where you type. K Audio Unit scope global, element 0. And it's painful, especially from Swift, where we have property values
Continuous Integration with Xcode 6 WWDC 2014 Session 415
Swift we have also a measure block. It's actually a closure, but it's still called measure block. That's the API. It's the same thing. So to show you all this in action, I'm going to bring up my officemate, Matt number 2, who has the
Apple Design Awards WWDC 2016 Session 103
Swift, supports Game Center. And it was, without a doubt, a great choice for an Apple Design Award this evening. Congratulations. [ Applause ] This side. [ Applause ] All right. So those are our 2 winning apps developed by students. Pretty great stuff. And there were lots more. But, you know, we've
Building Better Apps with Value Types in Swift WWDC 2015 Session 414
Swift can do functional also, and if you want to make it lazy, that's an exercise to the reader but it's not that much harder. And we're going to walk through how this algorithm works, because It's very, very similar. We start with our array of numbers from 2 to
What's New in SpriteKit WWDC 2016 Session 610
Swift? Okay, so first thing. Remember, we have a grid layout. So, 8 points labeled from 0 to 8. I'm going to provide a list of source position, a list of definition position, which are all float 2. I can just create my warp geometry grid by providing the
Improving Your App with Instruments WWDC 2014 Session 418
Swift objects, the heap only will contain your reference types, and so if you're thinking about this at a code level, these are your classes, not your structs. But once you identify these allocations, the allocations will provide you the reference histories for them, so retains, releases, and even allows you to pair these. It also provides a lot of information for anonymous VM usage and so you can
Debugging Tips and Tricks WWDC 2016 Session 417
Swift REPL prompt. At this point I'm interested in looking up some information on a type and of course I could bring up Xcode and look at the help, but right from the prompt here I could go ahead and simply say colon type lookup comparable. And I'll have looked up this protocol and found out that in fact it derives from another protocol and adds the following
What's New in Interface Builder WWDC 2014 Session 411
2 in getting your content to show up in Interface Builder is to create a subclass of UIView (or NSView if you're on the Mac). So I can just right-click on my group here, choose New File. I want a Cocoa Touch class. And I'm going to call this SiteTileView. Subclass UIView. And we're going to use Swift
Advanced iOS Application Architecture and Patterns WWDC 2014 Session 229
2 different places, and that's really the cause of our bug. We can solve our bug by merging those responsibilities back to one place. We can solve the staleness problem by saying, "OK whenever the model changes, we need to make sure to update all the values which are derived from that model." It's really easy to do this in Swift
Adopting Metal, Part 1 WWDC 2016 Session 602
Swift array of vertices, and then we just append vertices each with a position and a color. Now, we don't strictly need to use index drawing to do the simple of a used case, but we'll go ahead and create an indexBuffer and append the indices 0, 1, and 2, which
WatchKit In-Depth, Part 1 WWDC 2015 Session 207
Swift, and you have up to four different things you can add code for. So for the storyboard, this is the interface part of it, you can edit in IB just like you would an iOS application, and we provide a reasonably rich set of interface elements, labels, images, et cetera. This is all in watchOS 1 and we have added a couple of new ones in watchOS 2, the
Introducing On Demand Resources WWDC 2015 Session 214
Swift, Objective-C, C++ as well as some base resources, and the levels in the game, for example, if this is a game. When you, the developer, are happy with this game or application, you upload it to the store, and when the user comes along and buys the app or game they get the entire thing and down to the device it goes. And there it is not alone
Delivering an Exceptional Audio Experience WWDC 2016 Session 507
Swift runtimes because they are not entirely real-time safe. There are cases when they, too, will take mutexes. So that's a partial list. There other things we can't do. The primary thing to ask yourself is, "Does this thing I'm doing allocate memory or use mutexes?" And if the answer is yes, then it's not real-time safe. Well, what can we do? I'll
Building Modern Frameworks WWDC 2014 Session 416
Swift because this is really your opportunity to have a lot of influence on how all of this stuff develops. If you're publishing a framework, whether it's for your own applications, or whether it's for other people to use in their own applications, you're going to run into a problem. This is a problem that we run into every time we release a new version of
Advanced Swift WWDC 2014 Session 404
Swift indeed. [ Applause ] Okay let's look at an example of how we can use what we've seen so far. Now I wanted to come up with a really practical example. Something that, you know, you would use in your day to day in your Cocoa programming. So what we're going to be doing is computing phi the Golden Mean, which is the ratio of consecutive Fibonacci numbers
Your App, Your Website, and Safari WWDC 2014 Session 506
2 p.m. So if you're here, you're going to be interested in that as well. But even before Handoff, users are making these kinds of transitions between apps, websites and various devices every single day. And in this session I'm going to go over some of the best opportunities that we've identified to make these kinds of transitions smoother for our users. Ensuring Continuity for all
iMessage Apps and Stickers, Part 1 WWDC 2016 Session 204
2 of our talk. So we can go ahead and get rid of these functions here. I'm going to select them and then press Delete. Great. So let's take a look at Messages framework. If we click here we have an MSStickerBrowserViewController. The MSStickerBrowseViewController will allow us to display stickers. It has two properties. It has an MSStickerBrowserView which is the view that our Stickers will be displayed
Improving Your Existing Apps with Swift WWDC 2015 Session 403
Swift. That's here. And this is the function that I just copied in the previous demonstration. It's the one I want to play with, so I am just going to copy it into a playground. So I've copied it, I'll hit command-N and make a new iOS playground. Paste it in. And now I have the drawing function. No developer is an island. No drawing
Swift Playgrounds WWDC 2014 Session 408
Swift Tour. This allows you to see documentation and Playground Editor side by side in the same editor. So you can read about how to do something and try it out right there without leaving the editor. Finally, we think Playgrounds are a fantastic way for people to learn how to program in the first place. Beginners don't have to learn how to configure a project and target and
What's New in Core Data WWDC 2014 Session 225
Swift. Batch updates, what are they, why do you care? Well, they're a way to mass update data in the database, bypassing the Managed Object Context and editing the store directly. It's primarily centrally intended for updating attribute values, and it's really a performance optimization because if you think about how Core Data works, up until now, if you wanted to edit, say
Security and Your Apps WWDC 2015 Session 706
2 up to GM and even later, the configuration will persist. So we won't reset it every time we install. Now, because root can actually set a NVRAM setting and we can't trust root to do the right thing here, it means we cannot have the configuration mechanism in the OS itself. So we actually pulled it and installed it in the Recovery OS. So this NVRAM setting
Using Store Kit for In-App Purchases with Swift 3 WWDC 2016 Session 702
Swift. You can call right in that NS bundle, and there's an App Store receipt URL that will be returned by that. This is a local URL, local to the file system. Once you have that URL, you pass it into NS data and you get the binary payload of that receipt. Now that you have that binary payload, a couple things to keep in mind. The certificates on
Web Inspector and Modern JavaScript WWDC 2014 Session 512
Swift, this will be right up your alley as far as JavaScript goes. It allows you to return like multiple objects in an array. In this case, I have an array of two numbers here. And traditionally, I would have to collect that in a result object. And I would have to break each piece off from that array to use it in a separate variable that made more sense
What's New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2015 Session 107
Swift and Objective-C API for interacting with contacts. [ Applause ] Thank you. You can find out more at Introducing the Contacts Framework for iOS in iOS 10. For Wallet and Passkit, you can now provision cards from scratch in bank and merchant applications if you have a special entitlement. You can also suppress ApplePay from coming up in situations where it would interfere with your application. So say your application
What's New in SpriteKit WWDC 2014 Session 606
2 frameworks really, really add a lot of possibilities here. You can have another level of interaction with you user. For example, have a constant background of 3D and all of the sudden you see a 3D object flying out of the screen. It's actually making the user having a third perspective of what a game looks like. Lastly, I want to talk about tools here. So, for Xcode
Cocoa Touch Best Practices WWDC 2015 Session 231
Swift, you can take advantage of the new pound availability syntax to put all your version-specific code into a block that the compiler can understand and reason about and let you know if you are doing anything wrong for a particular version. Whichever technique that you end up using, think through whether you need to have an Else clause because you don't want to make the mistake of
What's New in Network Extension and VPN WWDC 2015 Session 717
Swift. Let's just call it packet tunnel. Great. Now I have a new target and I can start building my VPN provider. So let's jump ahead to the actual process of writing this. My protocol happens to be based around UDP. It uses UDP to talk to the server and tunnel traffic from the system. I have subclassed the NEPacket Tunnel Provider class and this is the class
What's New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2016 Session 205
2 and the iPad Pro now, we have 120 Hz touch scanning. We are scanning faster than the screen refresh rate. And now, with Apple Pencil we have additional properties on touches so you can get orientation precise location, force. With iPhone 6S, you have the same force information with 3D Touch and we shift in our iOS 9, in our iOS 9.1. The APIs you need to build amazing
Improving Existing Apps with Modern Best Practices WWDC 2016 Session 213
Swift, I can show you the data model in a playground. Last year when I did this, I'm just going to make a new playground first. New file, playground. Last year when I did this, I was copying, pasting between my code and my playground. And when you do this a lot, your playground can become really big with a lot of code in it. So, instead our playgrounds
Optimizing App Startup Time WWDC 2016 Session 406
Swift apps handled implicitly. That does some other things, including running the framework initializers and loading your nibs. And then finally you'll get a call back in your application delegate. I'm mentioning these last two because those are counted in those 400 milliseconds times that I just mentioned. But we're not going to discuss them in this talk. If you want a better view of what goes
Performance on iOS and watchOS WWDC 2015 Session 230
2, and we are going to dig into what you can do to get the best user experience in your app on that platform. So why should you think about performance? The easiest way to sum it up is that performance is a feature. It's a core and central element of giving your users a great experience in your app. It's not an extra or a bonus or
System Trace in Depth WWDC 2016 Session 411
SWIFT as well. So to get started, the easiest way is to drop a point event on a timeline. That's one of those little red lollipops. And the way you do that is invoke kdebug signpost and that's it. So inside of our Mouse Down, every time we hit our Mouse Down, you'll see one of these appear on the timeline. Now it does take a few
Visual Debugging with Xcode WWDC 2016 Session 410
2. We've added conveniences, such as being able to jump directly to the source code from a view class. Just tap the Jump button in the Object Inspector. And navigator filtering is much more powerful, too. You can filter by any text in a label or text in a button's title. Or you can filter by class names, and that will include super class names. For example, if
CloudKit Best Practices WWDC 2016 Session 231
Swift 3, and so you have the ability to set this quality of service property. And the default is utility. And he'll talk about some of the things to keep in mind when setting this. And then finally, the way to actually finally take this operation and ask the client to send it back, is to add it to a database's operation queue. And again because we're
Best Practices for Building SpriteKit Games WWDC 2014 Session 608
2 was a bit more work to make it different. Level 3 looks the same because face it, you just did copy and paste. And well, you're probably stuck on level 4. You're thinking different it's going to take time. We're probably going to do copy and paste again. The second problem is you tend to get tempted to write data as code, and here is
OpenGL ES Shading and Advanced Rendering WWDC 2010 Session 417
Swift. What we're going to talk about here are what are the techniques that are used in Quest, like how to implement those techniques efficiently on all of our devices, and we go also a bit further. So here is the agenda. We know some of you are not quite familiar with OpenGL ES 2.0 yet and don't know everything about shaders yet, so we do a quick
Advanced Debugging and the Address Sanitizer WWDC 2015 Session 413
Swift and automated reference counting will take you a long way. Even though the memory corruptions are still technically possible there, writing code that causes them, will be much less likely. On the other hand, if you have code that manipulates memory directly, by calling malloc, or by doing [unintelligible] arithmetic, or you simply have code that interoperates with C and C++ APIs, you are in the risk group that
What's New in Core Data WWDC 2016 Session 242
Swift and some of the improvements we've made in the area of Xcode integration. And that's a lot so, on with the first, query generations. Query generations is a new feature we've added but before I sort of get into talking about query generations I need to talk about faults a little bit. Core data uses faults a lot, as some of you may know. Manage objects
Adopting New Trackpad Features WWDC 2015 Session 217
2 and use the pressure if that's where you need to do your animation or the stage transition property. We reached the click threshold point for stage 1, so your pressure is now back down to 0, and just like we did with the Force click threshold, the user actually has to release even more pressure from the trackpad before we finally release from stage 1. We're going
Making Apps Adaptive, Part 1 WWDC 2016 Session 222
2 and they're going to tell you all about medium grain changes. All right, so we've talked about what size classes are, we have given you kind of an overview of the trait system. What I want to do now is just give you a little background about how the system works and how as developers you're going to plug into that. In a nutshell or in
Apple Pay Within Apps WWDC 2015 Session 702
2 and the iPad mini 3. So all of these devices can support Apple Pay. And until recently Apple Pay was available in the US, as we announced yesterday it's also coming to the UK very soon. But we do have long-term goals for Apple Pay. So if you're a developer not from either of these countries it's still well worth thinking about how Apple Pay
Advanced User Interfaces with Collection Views WWDC 2014 Session 232
2 supporting apps and books, and that was great. But now, we were going to support all of the content types that the store supports. So we were going to add music, we're going to add music, as well as movies and TV seasons. Now, that was going to post a significant challenge for us, because each one of these content types as you can see has multiple sections
Profiling in Depth WWDC 2015 Session 412
Swift was able to inline it, whip means that there's no function overhead, no method call overhead whatsoever. Because the code for the iterator is inline with the rest of the code it makes further improvements explaining the better performance than what we hoped for by skipping the dynamic dispatch. Chad, anything else to tell these nice people? CHAD WOOLF: We have 5 minutes! Of course I do. Some
What's New in Core Location WWDC 2015 Session 714
2 or 3. If you were a user then, you remember having to leave a phone on, unlocked, in your pocket when you went for a run if you wanted a map. Starting in iOS 4 we improved on this greatly, with what we call Background modes. You still by default will be running only in the foreground. However now you can use this handy capabilities tab in Xcode that
What's New in Cocoa WWDC 2014 Session 204
Swift - it's really like a breath of fresh air like wow, you know, file, memory, decimal, binary, that's really cool. And the usage is pretty neat too. Here is that enum. To call it you might say NSByteCountFormatter CountStyle.File. However in context where the argument's type is known, you really just have to use .File and, you know, now I can fit that bullet into one line
Mastering Core Data WWDC 2010 Session 118
Swift to wrap it up. So Core Data has been around on the desktop since 10.4 Tiger, on iPhone OS since 3.0 last year, and obviously on the iPad earlier this spring. The purpose of this session is to help you become more proficient with our technology. We are, this is not an introductory session. We assume a basic level of knowledge with the framework. You could have attained that
Managing Apple Devices WWDC 2014 Session 702
2 if you check to see if that particular device that's enrolling is in the list that you've gotten from the Device Enrollment Program. Also, if a device has already gotten its settings from the Device Enrollment Program, Configurator will not overwrite those settings. One additional caveat is that delivering your enrollment settings via the Device Enrollment Program is the only way that you can make your MDM
Camera Capture: Manual Controls WWDC 2014 Session 508
Swift, because we're going to talk about cameras today, specifically camera developments on Yosemite and iOS 8. If you want to hear about that you've come to the right place. If you're new to Camera Capture in general on OS X or iOS we invite you to review our past sessions from WWDC. They're available right within your WWDC app or online at developer.apple.com. They provide
Seamless Linking to Your App WWDC 2015 Session 509
2 of iOS 9, we will no longer require you to sign your apple-app-site-association file. Simply upload the unsigned JSON thank you [applause]. Thank you. Simply upload the unsigned JSON file with the same file name, apple-app site-association, to your HTTPS server, and iOS will take care of the rest. Note that the signing requirement remains in effect, if you need to support iOS
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2014 Session 102
Swift. We think it's quickly going to become the programming language of choice for our own code as well as your apps. We're looking very much forward to hear what you think about. Next we're going to talk about gaming. This is another technology area that you are pushing on very strongly. We have many great techno-, technology advances to announce in this area this year. To
Deeper into GameplayKit with DemoBots WWDC 2015 Session 609
2 introduces a new character, FlyingBot, here is a FlyingBot on the side hanging out, doing his thing. If you find a bad FlyingBot, they have a different attack.When we bump into him, he does a blast attack affecting everybody within a certain radius. The good news, if you fix one, they do a good attack that will cure any other FlyingBot within range. Follow him over here. He's
What's New in SpriteKit WWDC 2015 Session 604
Swift the correct class will be instantiated and created when the scene is running and loaded on the scene. In addition we have been very busy adding the support from day one of the brand-new SKNodes. Now you can design your scene with the Camera nodes, position AudioNode and as well as the ReferenceNode right inside of the editor. It is really cool to be able to see the
Introducing Watch Connectivity WWDC 2015 Session 713
2 and iOS 9. It's available in both platforms, and pretty much all of the APIs are available in both sides. There are couple of iPhone-specific APIs that we will get into. The first thing you want to do when you are starting to adopt WatchConnectivity is you want to go through the setup. We recommend that you set this up very early in your app's life
Continuous Integration and Code Coverage in Xcode WWDC 2015 Session 410
2,000 unit tests, but only 20% of my application is actually getting run by those tests? Well, that's still not as useful as I might think it is. So code coverage is all about surfacing this information to you so you can make informed decisions. So it allows you to run your tests and measure exactly which code is getting exercised there and, more importantly, which code is
Best Practices for Building Apps Used in Business and Education WWDC 2016 Session 304
Swift, but it's again another newer technology that you should really be looking at investing in. AirPlay, particularly in the education and business environment, conference rooms, big screens behind the presenter. People want to share content. If there's room for your application to directly adopt AirPlay, do so. If you can just make your app look more interesting when it's on AirPlay, maybe being able to hide
Affiliate Tools for App Developers WWDC 2014 Session 301
2." So when the user taps on Get it Now, an affiliate link, everything acts just as you expect. The store carousels in, and they can preview, buy, look at reviews, look at screenshots and browse the store. And again, after they've clicked this, it's not just apps that are credited to that affiliate. It's music, movies, TV shows, all of it. So that's the affiliate
What's New in NSCollectionView WWDC 2015 Session 225
2, and so forth. So clearly we have a need for a different way to address items. We're going to start addressing items like we do on iOS. We need to know not only the item index, but the section index. This has consequences for existing APIs, and accounts for a lot of the API changes that you will see. For example, the ItemAtIndex method, which takes a single
What's New in SceneKit WWDC 2014 Session 609
2 nodes must be in the same hierarchy. The IK constraints will force your node to keep the same original related distance between each other. So to give an example here, I have a character that is playing an idle animation, and when I press Next, it does an attack animation like this. So IK are often used to control articulated things like the arm of robots or characters. Now
Introducing Apple File System WWDC 2016 Session 701
2, we could destroy it, but then partition 0 couldn't grow, because it's not adjacent to any of the free space that we just made available. So we think this is something that we can solve with Space Sharing. So in Apple File System we've come up with this base concept we're calling the container, applicably named because it contains volumes or individual file systems. So
Architecting for Performance on watchOS 3 WWDC 2016 Session 227
2-Second tasks for Stocks. The first thing, we made sure that we had consistent data between our complication and app. The next, we simplified our design, we made it a lot more legible at smaller sizes, and much more usable whenever you vertically scroll through the detail pageing API. And that lets you look at multiple stocks, quickly instead of having to do the back and forth shuffle. So
What's New in LLVM WWDC 2016 Session 405
Swift as type properties, and we've brought it to Objective-C. Interoperation works great. In this example, the class property someString is declared using property syntax, by adding a class flag. Later, this someString property is accessed using dot syntax. Class properties are never synthesized. You can provide storage, a getter, and a setter, in the implementation. Or you can use @dynamic to defer resolution to runtime. Over to
Testing in Xcode 6 WWDC 2014 Session 414
Swift are great languages for expressing the API, semantics of the API, they're self-documenting. We think, okay, our job is done. But in truth, they don't really account for all the possible permutations of inputs to those functions. So if you write tests, those tests help codify the requirements of those APIs. So another engineer can come along. They can make code changes in that area and
Making Apps Adaptive, Part 2 WWDC 2016 Session 233
2 or an iPhone 6s Plus, you can get the best possible image for the resolution of the device. But another advantage of it is that Asset Catalogs lets you design for application thinning. And what that means is is that if I deploy this application to an iPhone 6s, which is a 2x device, I don't have to pay the space penalty for carrying those 1 and 3x
What's New in Internationalization WWDC 2015 Session 227
Swift, we've made it such that the comment argument is non-optional. This is really emphasizing this is a critical argument. It provides context for your translators. A given word may be ambiguous in certain contexts and this comment parameter will allow you to customize that. So, the key is the string you wish to translate, and the comment is the comment explaining it. Now, this works for simple
Developing tvOS Apps Using TVMLKit: Part 2 WWDC 2016 Session 229
2. There are many amazing apps out there on the App Store based on TVMLKit. And some have even been customized with styles to give a unique experience and branding for all your apps. So today I'm extremely excited to be talking to you, to tell how you could bring your apps to a whole other level. And this is done by extending TVMLKit by extending interfaces and also
Working with Wide Color WWDC 2016 Session 712
2. Okay. So let's frame the color problem. Justin gave a great explanation earlier. But how does it apply to apps? Well app content can come from a broad range of sources and come in a broad range of color richness, all the way from grayscale, all the way through to even 16-bit wide color gamut content. At the same time, devices and displays come in a broad
What's New in GameplayKit WWDC 2016 Session 608
Swift generics, so no casting is required when you query your custom nodes. So that's what's new in pathfinding this year. Let's go ahead and move on on what's new in agents. A little bit of a refresher on what agents are in GameplayKit. They are autonomously moving entities controlled by a set of goals and behaviors, and they're under a number of realistic physical
Keynote WWDC 2014 Session 101
2 o'clock, we have our executive karaoke outing, that's going to be big blast. It's right there. You want to probably drop in on that if you get the chance. So let's take a look now at Messages. So Messages, you see this use of the translucent sidebar material, how it reacts subtly to the background is really nice, and how the contents of the title