The Accelerate Framework 

Session 708 WWDC 2012

The Accelerate framework contains signal and image processing, matrix and linear algebra computation, and now an optimized array-based math library for iOS. Find out how you can use the Accelerate framework to achieve dramatic improvements in performance and energy consumption.

Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Accelerate framework session.

My name is Luke Chang; I’m an engineer in Vector and Numerics Group.

I’m here today to talk about [the] Accelerate framework.

Have you ever thought about making an image processing app? Or audio equalizer app? Or any computation intensive app?

If you have, you’re in the right place.

Accelerate framework can help you make those apps, and more.

That’s why we would like to call it your “one-stop shopping” for fast and energy efficient libraries.

We call it one-stop shopping for a reason. In the Accelerate framework, we support a wide range of computational functionalities.

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