Apple Design Awards 

Session 103 WWDC 2018

Join us for an unforgettable award ceremony celebrating developers and their outstanding work. The 2018 Apple Design Awards recognize state of the art iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps that reflect excellence in design and innovation.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the 2018 Apple Design Awards.

Please, welcome your host, Senior Director of Evangelism, John Geleynse.

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Well, hello.

It is great to be back here with the Design Awards on the main stage.

And this evening we’ve got a great evening for you.

So, thank you for coming out and joining us in this afternoon and celebration of the winners that we’re going to announce, soon.

We’re here to honor developers who have done excellent work and with technology adoption, with innovation, making their apps unique.

And in my role at Apple and in my team’s role at Apple we’ve worked with so many of you over the years, helping you to create great apps.

Apps that are engaging and apps that are compelling.

Apps that are high performance and apps that are, honestly, really great.

And so, it’s an honor for me to be here and to be able to lead this award ceremony and honor these developers, tonight.

The work that is done by you, as the developer committee, speaks to the heart of Apple.

And that heart is, as we all know, creativity.

In all of its forms, we believe that creativity has always been humanity’s greatest super power.

And when it combines with technology great things come to life.

Incredible things come to life.

And that’s why we feel deeply that you, as developers, are amazingly creative.

Like a paintbrush to an artist, chords to a composer, words to an author, code is an even more advanced creative tool.

Because it can really do and create so much.

As developers, you’re developing on the canvas of the entire world causing great new groundbreaking apps and ideas to take shape.

And each year new and transformative apps are introduced bases on those ideas.

And each time this happens you take creativity to new levels.

For example, take a look at the last three years of Apple Design Award winners.

There are incredible games here.

Powerful design tools.

New workflow solution, new video workflow solutions.

Innovative photography tools.

Apps that empower health and fitness.

Music creation and DJing tools.

And apps to better understand human anatomy.

As well as everyday tools that help you to get things done and make a, truly make a difference in this world.

The developers of these apps and so many more over the years have amazed us with their excellent work.

Now, we all understand the incredible hard work that goes into the design and development of great apps like these and others.

We’re all too familiar with the long nights, long hours, technical hurdles, design challenges, and honestly, often, a really hard to find bugs.

But that’s why we’re here tonight.

To honor and celebrate that hard work.

Today’s winners set a new benchmark in creativity and they demonstrate the mark of brilliance that makes something truly great.

Okay. We’ve got something to do here, tonight, which is to give out a bunch of awards.

And we’re going to do that in a very large room.

So, if you hear your name called, if you hear your app’s name called, you need to make it up here fast.

Because we want to move this along and it’s a big room.

There are two sets of stairs here on either side of me.

So, just head towards me, you’ll find a set of stairs, you’ll make it onto the stage, and we’ll move on from there.

So, let’s get started.

Identifying the audience for your app and developing something that’s perfectly suited for them and their needs is really important.

The developer of our first winner today built an app that’s perfectly tuned for children and the way that they learn.

Join me in congratulating Bandimal by Yatatoy.

[ Music ]

All right.

So, Bandimal is a fun and intuitive music composer app.

It lets kids explore music and be the maestro of their own animal band.

And the key to this app is its focus on creativity.

There are no rules, no notes, no chords, no scores.

Let’s take a look.


Thanks, John.

Let’s dive right in.

I’ll tap on the plus here to start a new composition.

And the music gets started right away, which we should hear, soon.

There we go.

But we’re going to need to add some notes.

The app has this adorable cast of animal characters.

Each one makes a different sound.

I’m going to swipe through them till I find one that I like, which I guess, I’m going to go with this buffalo, here.

I’ll tap down here with my finger to add some notes.

And you can see each note comes with its own special dance move.

Now, I’m going to speed up the tempo by turning this dial.

And, maybe, after I do that I decide I want to give my buffalo a nice rest every other beat.

There we go.

Now, I need a nice lead singer to complement my buffalo bass, so I’m going to tap here, swipe through my options.

There we go.

This chicken looks like she’ll be a star.

Tap down here.

And I’m going to speed up her tempo to match my buffalo bass.

And, maybe, I’ll do a call and response type thing so they can interact with each other.

Now, I need one more animal to spice things up.

So, I’m going to tap here.

I happen to know there’s a particularly funky jellyfish here.

So, let’s give this one a go.

Now, let’s listen.

[ Music ]

Sounds good.

So, as kids create these compositions they’re building their sense of rhythm and musicality, very playfully and naturally, without need for any prior musical knowledge.

And the beauty of the app is any combination of notes is going to sound good, because it’s all playing in pentatonic scale.

So, there’s always a feeling of success.

Let’s check out this percussion section, up here.

So, I’m going to add some high hat there.

Layer in some snare drum and some more percussion, here.

And lastly, my bass drum.

All of these sounds, percussion and animals, were recorded in the studio using real instruments to get the music and natural sounds.

I can even add a sound effect by tapping on these mountains.

That’s going to give my chicken an echo.

So, let’s check out this reverberating chicken.

[ Music ]

So, you can see there’s all sorts of fun to be had with sound in this app.

And it’s a great way for kids to get creative with music and feel their ear and their intuition for the rhythms and sounds that they like to hear together.

The Yatatoy team of three spent two years developing this app using Swift, Sprite Kit, and Core Audio.

They were working remotely between Helsinki and Vienna.

And they were doing this in the afterhours from their day jobs.

It’s all culminated in an app that’s really magical.

So, congratulations.

[ Applause ]

Thanks, Andrea.

That’s Bandimal.

All right.

Next up in an app developed by a team of two biologists; a physicist, and a chemist.

Both are long time Indie Mac developers and one of them is, actually, a four-time Apple Design Award winner.

These guys teamed up to develop our next app, which is Agenda by Momenta B.V. out of the Netherlands.

[ Music ]

So, Agenda takes a clever new approach to note taking on the Mac and now, on iOS, as well.

By combining notes, calendars, and tasks in unique ways and with really powerful relationships.

And as well, it’s got a great clean design.

And we’d like to show it to you, now.

So, I’m going to hand it over to Chris.

Agenda is a simple and fresh way to keep yourself organized.

It combines a To-Do list and a note taking app with a delightful calendar integration.

Let me show you what I mean.

We start out with On the Agenda.

This is a task manager like experience.

I can quickly see my highest priority items and what I need to do with all my prior notes attached.

I can mark things off as I complete them.

So, now that we’re done with Keynote, let’s get that off.

And State of the Union.

Actually, in the midst of a house renovation, so I need to remember to call the contractor.

It’s super convenient to see all my prior notes attached before I make that phone call.

What makes this app really great is its integration with Calendar.

So, on the right-hand side here, you can see all my Calendar events.

There’s a HealthKit lab tomorrow and I need to remember to note down a couple of questions.

So, we’ll do that together.

So, I bring in this note.

You can see it brings in all the details from Calendar.

So, the event details, the location, the attendees.

So, I can focus on creating the note.

So, as I create this note, you can see the app supports markdown.

It also supports tagging, which is really nice.

So, I’m going to tag this as a HealthKit related note.

As I’m making this note, I realize a colleague and I had a meeting a couple weeks back, where we brainstormed some HealthKit related questions.

So, I’m going to swing over to Calendar and find that meeting.

This meeting with John.

Agenda provides this link in the Calendar in my, so as I click on this it clicks me right back into this meeting with John.

And here are the questions that I wanted.

So, you can imagine after using this for a couple weeks, you end up with this really great integration with Calendar and Agenda.

And it keeps you super organized.

Lastly, because I know I’m going to be doing a lot of HealthKit talking this week, I’m going to search for all my HealthKit related events.

And I can save this as an overview.

And what this does, it creates this nice little pocket here, where everything HealthKit related is in one spot.

Super convenient.

The entire app is created in Swift and it leverages iCloud, so it syncs across all of my devices.

Agenda is not simply a place to store text.

Rather, a tool that gently reinforces great note taking habits.

Agenda is, also, available on iOS and makes a great addition to your productivity arsenal.

Thank you.


[ Applause ]

Thanks, Chris.

Great apps always leave a strong impression, and then reinforce it again and again, every time that we use them.

With amazing visuals, excellent onboarding, a relaxing soundtrack, and great gameplay, join me in welcoming Alto’s Odyssey as your next winner.

[ Music ]

This is an app that we fell in love with, just like we did with its predecessor.

Snowman and Team Alto have done an incredible job of taking what people love from Alto’s Adventure and improving on it in every way for Odyssey.

And I’d like to ask my colleagues, Adrienne and Jordan, to show it to us, now.

Thanks, John.

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless sandboarding game, where you ride through sunswept dunes, perform midair stunts, all while completing fun challenges and unlocking new characters.

So, my colleague Adrienne will be joining us for the demo, today.

So, let’s get started.

The first thing that we loved about Alto’s Odyssey was that it provides the user with contextual clues and elegantly pauses the game, so the player learns by playing.

So, here she’s getting taught how to perform a wall ride, which is a new feature in the game.

There are no carousels that she’s swiping through.

It’s just her and the game.

We, also, love that it maintains that same simple control scheme for Alto’s Adventure but ramps up the difficulty with new challenges.

Control-wise, all Adrienne is doing is tapping to jump, and then tapping and holding to perform some epic flips.

Now, Alto’s Odyssey is a real feast for the senses.

Visually, there’s so much to look at in this game.

There is elements in the foreground, in the background like hot air balloons, sand coming off the back of the board.

But each level has such a striking color palette to it that we fell in love with.

That same attention to detail, also, carries over into the audio, as well.

So, actually, let’s take a listen to that, right now.

[ Music ]

Ah. Again, we love this.

And you can, actually, listen to it, too, because it’s available on iTunes and Apple Music.

We, also, fell in love with how it uses the haptic engine on our devices.

So, Adrienne is getting a slight vibration on the iPhone when she’s, when she’s landing a jump, performing a wall ride, or even, bouncing off of hot air balloons in the game.

It, also, maintains a super smooth 60 frames per second on every device, including previous generation devices.

In large part, thanks to Metal 2 and Unity.

And it even maintains that same simple control scheme across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

So, Alto’s Odyssey is localized into an incredible 20 languages, has over 2,000 4.5-star ratings since launching just over four months, ago.

And is available only on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

So, again, congratulations to the team.

And back to you, John.

Great going, guys.

[ Applause ]

So, great.

Now, talking about localization, localizing your app so that it’s available to people around the world in their language of choice is really important.

And it’s something that we talk about a lot, here at Apple.

And we encourage you to do.

But making an app that helps people converse with others whose language they don’t speak is a big deal.

Our next winner is an app that’s been downloaded more than 80 million times.

Join me in congratulating iTranslate Converse, by iTranslate.

[ Music ]

So, founded in 2009, iTranslate is an Austrian company based in the city of Graz, famous for being the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But it’s now, also, famous for being the birthplace of this app.

What sets this app apart is its support for 38 languages and its simple UI that enables everyday conversations between people.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Paulo, Carol.

Thank you, John.

iTranslate Converse is available only on iOS and was completely developed using Swift.

Thanks to its straightforward design and intuitive user interface the app is super easy to use.

All you need to do is swipe up and then, pick two out of the 38 languages available.

Ah, German.

What would Arnold say to you, today?

[German language] Ich komme wieder.

I’ll be back.

But for the purpose of this demo, we’re going to pick Chinese Mandarin.

Now, as you can see, the whole screen of the app turns into a tappable area.

But the developer went one step further by implementing 3D touch and haptic feedback.

So, you can use the app without even looking at the screen.

Now, let’s imaging I have just landed in Beijing and I’m meeting my colleague, Carol.

And I’m super hungry but I don’t speak a single word of Chinese.

So, Carol, do you know where to have spaghetti?

[ Chinese Language ]

Why do you want to eat spaghetti in Beijing?

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Because, I’m, oops, sorry.

Because, I am Italian.

[ Chinese Language ]

Actually, the spaghetti was invented in China.

[ Chinese Language ]

Let’s go and try the authentic Chinese food.

Want to eat roast duck?

That sounds delicious.

[ Chinese Language ]

So, iTranslate Converse is, also, available on Apple Watch, where users can access the app via complication.

On Apple Watch Series 3 you can use the app even without your iPhone.

Now, let me finish by saying something to you in a more familiar language.

[ Foreign Language ]

Remember to install this app before going abroad.

[ Applause ]

[ Foreign Language ]

Thank you and have fun at the Developers Conference.

Back to you, John.

Good night.

Well done.

[ Applause ]

That’s awesome.

That’s an app that can break down barriers and help us build meaningful relationships with people we, with whom we don’t speak their language.

Now, when we judge apps for the Apple Design Awards we’re looking for apps that are incredibly well designed, that are innovative, and they’re optimized for our devices.

Next up is as wonderful puzzle-adventure platformer for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV that’s all of these things and more.

Please, join me in congratulating INSIDE by Playdead.

[ Music ]

Developed by Playdead in Copenhagen, INSIDE is a beautiful and frightening adventure game with almost 10,000 4.5-star reviews on the App Store.


And to show it to you, now, I’d like to ask Mark and Adrienne.

Thanks, John.

INSIDE is an eerie adventure filled with intrigue and danger.

You play as an unnamed boy as he struggled through a dystopian world.

By solving puzzles, you uncover an alarming environment of lifeless bodies and their violent controllers.

But buried under this dark premise is a brilliantly designed game.

A worthy successor to Playdead’s first game, Limbo, INSIDE also uses a monochromatic palette, which places your focus solely on the details of the environment and the animation.

Check it out as he actually pulls and struggles to get these boards off the wall.

So, cool.

INSIDE’s chilling soundtrack reinforces its sinister atmosphere.

Playdead’s audio designers, actually, used a contact microphone on a human skull to create many of the sound effects that you hear in the game.

Let’s listen in.

[ Scraping Sound ]

[ Bang Sound ]

[ Running Footsteps ]

[ Bang Sound ]

[ Running Footsteps ]

[ Bang Sound ]

[ Running Footsteps ]

With no onboarding at the beginning and no loading screen in the middle, INSIDE is both intuitive and immersive.

Using Unity, Metal, and a custom temporal reprojection filter, Playdead’s crafted this distinctly surreal environment and console quality graphics.

They actually fully support HDR on both the iPhone 10 and the iPad.

So, that makes dark scenes like this seem really crisp and clear.

Now, light plays an important role on INSIDE, and roving spotlights are, often, your enemies.

But, in this case, Adrienne has to, actually, turn the lights on in order to power that elevator at the end of the hallway.

The shadows cast by the spotlights provide some respite, but you’re never safe for long.

iCloud, actually, allows you to save your progress across devices, so you can pick back up where you left off, whether you’re playing on the iPad, iPhone, or on Apple TV.

Now, I don’t want to spoil too much of the game for you, but there’s one more scene I want to show.

And fair warning; it’s a little intense.

Let’s check it out.

[ Heavy Breathing And Running Footsteps ] [ Splashing Sounds ]

[ Running Footsteps ]

[ Eerie Sounds ]

[ Running Footsteps ]

[ Gunshots ]

[ Dogs Barking In Distance ]

[ Dogs Barking Closer ]

[ Splash ]

INSIDE is a beautifully designed and brilliant adventure game and a worthy winner of an Apple Design Award.


Well done.

[ Applause ]

Well done.

Such a great game.

Now, you know when you have a favorite movie or a favorite book you just want to watch or read, again and again?

Next up is an app that’s like that.

But you get to play the main character and experience the world through her eyes.

Our next winner is Florence by Mountains.

[ Music ]

So, Florence is a beautiful cinematic story in which you get to experience the impact of decisions and emotions of adult life and first love.

Let’s take a look.


Thanks, John.

I really enjoy playing Florence, because it is just so compelling and approachable.

And it’s really personal, because you hold the story of Florence in your hand and use really familiar controls to play.

Through beautiful illustrations, soundtracks, and haptics, you experience life as Florence.

In this scene it’s all about adult life.

And this game helps you realize that we’re all just trying to get through our day, to get back to the things that we really care about.

Another part of adult life, as well; getting calls from Mom.

And this part of the game was just too real for me.

It’s like, ”Hi, Mom.

No, I don’t need any help finding a boyfriend.

And yes, work is going just fine.” So, with the help of TC, who’s doing a great job demoing today, we’re going to take a look at another scene.

Florence has a custom composed soundtrack and it’s incredible.

Music plays a huge part throughout the entire experience.

And this is when you hear music and you decide to tap the notes to follow it.

And you know how music can make you feel, how it can just lift you up.

Well, it also can lead to a really great story.

Through beautiful fades, transitions, and soundtrack, this plays just like a great movie.

And the camera holds on moments that mean just a little bit more.

And this well-designed subtlety, well, it makes you want to be more present in your own life and in your own relationships.

So, how does it turn out with this other character?

Well, you’re just going to have to play the game to find out.

There’s a reason why people have a first love story.

Because, it’s powerful, emotional, and it has an impact.

And if you haven’t experienced it yet, well, this game is a wonderful preview to the real, honest, heart racing, and heart wrenching roller coaster that is first love.

So, go for it.

Play the game of first love.

It’s an incredible unforgettable ride.

Congratulations, Florence.

[ Applause ]

Thanks, Lauren.

[ Applause ]

State of the art apps support the latest devices, the latest OS’s, an integrate with our latest technologies.

Our next winner is a state of the art and beautifully crafted smart calculator app called Calzy from India.

[ Music ]

So, this is Raja.

Calzy was created in an effort to rethink the conventional calculator.

It’s an incredibly customizable really well-designed app.

And it uses a ton of iOS technologies.

It’s available for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Messages, and even as a Today widget.

I’d like to ask my colleague, Tyler, to show it to you, now.

Thanks, John.

Calzy has a fantastic formula for innovation, combining great design with the clever use of iOS technologies.

Let’s have a look.

There’s Calzy, sweet as pi.

As you can see, right there, it’s got a simple yet elegant layout.

And have a look at this, great minds think alike.

So, Calzy does everything you’d expect a calculator to do.

This single screen app is packed with features revealed by using 3D Touch and haptic feedback for these sliding menus.

Perfect for singlehanded use.

And if that single hand happens to be your left hand the keyboard is fully adjustable.

You can have different keyboard layouts for the main app, as well as the widget and the iMessage’s app for maximal flexibility.

The standard layout, as you see here.

Calzy, also, of course, supports the scientific layout, no rotation necessary.

Now, I’m not really a math person, so these are all just kind of Greek to me.

But speaking of science, I was recently reading an article.

At least, John smiled at that.

I was recently reading an article about a very ambitious effort to quantify the weight of all the biomass on earth.

And so, I went to the study and I grabbed some of the numbers and I put them here in Calzy’s Bookmarks function, which is a really handy way to store information.

Here, we can see this is the sum of the biomass of all the taxa on the earth.

And it’s rendered in gigatons of carbon, of course.

Anyway, the Bookmark stores both the expression and the value.

So, if we find a new form of life I can always update the expression.

And then, the values themselves can, actually, be stored up here in the memory area at the top of the screen, waiting patiently for me to drag them into another calculation.

So, you’re probably wondering, or at least I know in am, what’s the prevalence of bacteria versus people on the earth.

So, we go back in here to the Bookmark.

I know you were wondering it.

And you take a look, here, the weight of all bacteria on earth is 70 gigatons.

I’m going to put that in there.

And then, we’re going to divide that by the weight of all the people on the earth, which is a paltry .06 gigatons.

Now, if you notice that you’ve made a mistake, all you have to do is go into the expression, 3D Touch on the operator, put the correct one in.

And this way, you can see that the weight of tall bacteria is about 1,200 times greater than the weight of all people.

That’s a lot of bacteria.

So, wash your hands before dinner tonight, folks.

There’s a lot more great things Calzy can do that we don’t have a whole lot of time for.

But it’s got support for things like Handoff and iCloud Sync, even Face ID, Touch ID protection for the bookmarks, Drag and Drop.

Whole bunch of great things.

Go ahead and check it out in the App Store.

But before we go, a quick note about the inspirational story of the developer behind it.

Gentleman from a small village in India working as a visual effects artist who decided he wanted to harness his creativity in a different way.

So, he taught himself Swift, as you do.

And within just a few months, was creating great iPhone apps, including Calzy.

Congratulations, Raja.

All right.

[ Applause ]

All right.

Great games are memorable.

They’re unique.

They’re artistic.

They’re filled with personality.

And they have great performance.

Our next winner has all those characteristics.

Join me in congratulating Frost by Kunabi Brothers.

[ Music ]

Let’s go right here.

[ Music ]

This is, actually, Kunabi Brothers’ second time on stage, because another game of theirs, called Blek, won an Apple Design Award in 2014.

They’ve now returned with a beautiful and calming freeform puzzle game that offers a deeply immersive space where players can interact with and experience the natural phenomenon of swarms.

You’ve got to see this.

Mike Stern.

Thanks, John.

So, swarming behavior has inspired scientists and artists through the ages.

And now, it’s inspired a really gorgeous and inventive game.

Right from the level selection screen we can see this number one is comprised of tiny little light creatures swarming about.

And as we switch between levels we can see them scatter and reform giving us a preview of what’s to come.

Now, when we get into the game we see this stream of blue creatures enter the gameboard.

And our objective, here, is to help these little guys find their way back to their home planets.

Now, Frost was designed for Touch and it really shows.

Interactions are so simple and intuitive and natural.

And just behold how graceful and beautiful the swarm is, just with a little bit of interaction.

It’s really pretty.

Now, it seems here that the objective it to try to take some of the blue creatures to one planet and some to the other.

So, to start over I simply tap anywhere on the screen.

And using multitouch I can draw two paths to each planet.

Now, when those yellow rings fill, that’s when I know how many creatures each planet has to hold.

Little bit more.

And once it fills all the way, this really beautiful animation plays to let me know that the level is complete.

And on iPhone, they use haptics to punctuate that animation and other special moments.

Now, every level in Frost is a work of art.

But I want to skip ahead here to a more advanced level and go from number 4 to number 24.

Now, as we progress through the game we’re introduced to new creative challenges along the way.

But also, new species with different types of swarming behaviors.

So, on this level we have yellow creatures and blue and red.

And it seems, here, that my objective is to help the yellow creatures get to the yellow planet.

So, I just make a beeline from one place to another, but they’re not responding.

Blue ones don’t really do anything, either.

Maybe, if I bring the red ones over here it’ll do something.

Oh, we can see those blue creatures really scattered.

Now, what I want to do is just pause here, for a second, and just kind of enjoy this moment that Frost creates for us.

The mood that it sets is so ethereal, it’s so soothing and so tranquil.

Watching these creatures move around is really mesmerizing and kind of hypnotic.

A lot of players will, actually, just kind of stop and enjoy this experience and experiment and observe how the creatures respond to touch, and really soak it in.

But, not me.

I like winning.

So, I’m going to try to get the red creatures to move around, pick up the blue creatures who might give a lift to the yellow creatures.

And help them find their way home.

It’s a crazy enough plan that I think it just might work.

Now, Frost offers hours and hours of gameplay.

And the sheer beauty of watching thousands of individually animating creatures move around your iPhone or iPad is really breathtaking.

Now, in order to power this real time simulation, they needed Metal on iOS.

It’s the only consumer mobile device which has the computational power needed to render these complex programmatic animations.

But the thing that I love most about Frost is how anyone can play this game, regardless of their age or where they live or what language they speak.

It can be a delightful, calming, and engaging experience.

This is a really beautiful game.


[ Applause ]

Thanks, Mike.

You had most of us mesmerized, there.

All right.

Earlier, I spoke of code and creativity, which when combined with technology can produce these transformative results.

Our next winner is an app that is disrupting and uniquely changing things, how things are done.

Congratulations to Triton Sponge.

[ Music ]

So, the developer here, Gauss, is reinventing surgical care using machine learning and computer vision on iOS.

And you’ve got to see this to believe it.

So, let’s take a look.

Here’s Chris and Divia from our Health Team to show you how it works.

We love when teams tackle huge problems in unique ways.

Especially, in healthcare.

Today, many clinicians have no idea how to estimate how much blood patients are losing in procedures.

As a result, a lot of clinical decisions are made based on guesstimation, which can lead to all sorts of complications.

Gauss Surgical is solving this problem using an iPad, machine learning, and computer vision.

Before we show you a demo, I’d like to introduce you to Chris and the tools we’ll be using.

We have an iPad Pro with an IR sensor, and some surgical sponges that are used in operating rooms to soak up blood.

Now, for the purposes of this demo, we’re going to mimic some fake blood by using some red food coloring.

But if you start to feel queasy, at all, please avert your eyes for just a moment.

Gauss’ app is super simple to use.

All you have to do is hold up a sponge in front of the camera.

From there, Gauss uses Core ML to detect the sponge using the camera and IR sensor.

They’ve then developed some custom machine learning algorithms to analyze the red spots of blood and, actually, calculate blood loss.

It’s amazing.

Gauss’ app is FDA approved and HIPAA compliant.

But now, let’s see if it’s hippo compliant.

As you can imagine.

As you can imagine, it’s incredibly important in an operating room to make sure you don’t accidentally double count a sponge.

So, if Chris hold up the hippo sponge one more time, even if in a different orientation, Gauss’ app is able to detect that it’s a duplicate and, actually, alert Chris to the duplication.

That is amazing.

Gauss’ app is being used in hospitals all across the country in labor and delivery use cases.

And we couldn’t be more excited about their work.

Congrats to the entire Gauss Team.

[ Applause ]


Well done, guys.

[ Applause ]

That’s pretty cool.

And our final award for this evening goes to a brilliantly executed platformer.

It’s got a ton of personality, has great performance, a fun soundtrack, and it’s super addictive.

And it took four years to make.

Join me in celebrating our final winner, Oddmar by Mobge.

[ Music ]

Oddmar was developed by a team, a small team of four, two of whom are here, at a university in Turkey, which goes to show that great games don’t always come from the places that you would expect.

We’ve had a blast with this game and we think you will, too.

We’d like to show it to you, now.


Thank you, John.

Oddmar is a gorgeous action-adventure platformer that is beautiful, charming, and humorous.

Let us introduce you to Oddmar and our not so successful Viking hero on the journey to prove himself worthy of Valhalla.


The onboarding is smooth and the controls are easy to use gesture controls.

Simply, swipe left and right with your left hand to move, and up and down with your right hand to jump.

Oddmar with its 24 handcrafted artistic levels in a Norse mythology storyline is full of secrets and challenges.

As you travel through the adventures of Oddmar, from magical forests to treacherous mines, beautifully animated comic style cuts scenes between the levels will help you find your way to Valhalla.

The game really shines with its visual elements, with beautiful scenic multiplane landscapes, lighting, and animation that almost brings it to life.

Oddmar, our Viking hero, is so brilliantly animated that it puts a smile on your face, whether he’s jumping on mushrooms, running through the rivers, or as he’s simply waiting for you to play.

New game mechanics and controls are introduced for the player at every level.

And as the players progress through the levels, unique dangers and boss fights challenges the players in new and fun ways.

The game really does a fantastic job of bringing excitement with every new character, control, and level, while introducing these at a pace that allows the players to master it.

The soundtrack influenced by the traditional Swedish folk music really gives the game its Nordic Viking setting at every level.

It was recorded at a studio in a small village deep in the forests of southern Sweden.

So, every aspect of the game, from level design to story to music was made with great effort, dedication to detail, and craft.

As visually stunning as it is with the level of detail and artwork, Oddmar calls for a larger screenplay and we think you will love it on iPad Pro.

It supports the use of game controllers, allows you to play and sync on multiple devices by saving on iCloud.

Oddmar benefits from using Metal to create this visually stunning and fluid gameplay experience.

It uses only [inaudible] resources to reduce the initial time to load by letting players download the levels in the background and has fun, colorful image stickers to share with your friends.

Oddmar is localized into 12 languages and is only available on iPhone and iPad.

Well done to the Oddmar Team.

Forward, Valhalla!

Back to you, John.

Well done.

[ Applause ]

So, that’s Oddmar.

So, these are our ten winners.

Five incredible apps, five incredible games.

Now, each winner receives the coveted Apple Design Award trophy, which they’ve all been handed and are walking away with, right now.

This trophy is a solid piece of aluminum that lights up when touched.

So, the Apple logo on top lights up just like the top of your laptop.

It’s very cool and it’s a must-have.

It’s definitely something to collect and something to be super proud of.

Winners today, also, receive a prize package that includes almost one of everything that we make in its best configuration.

So, a 5K iMac Pro, a 15-inch MacBook Pro, a 256 GB iPhone 10, a 512 GB iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, a 4K Apple TV, an Apple Watch Series 3, and a set of AirPods.

Not a bad haul.

[ Applause ]

Not a bad haul.

So, congratulations to all of our winners, tonight.

And for the great work that they’ve done in the past year or years, in some cases.

These ten apps set new standards for innovation, design, brilliance, execution, performance, creativity, craftsmanship, optimization, technology integration, and so much more.

I want to thank you for joining us, today.

It’s been a long day, but we appreciate your attendance.

This is a special moment for all of our winners.

But it’s, also, a special moment for you, their peers, and for our entire development community, many of whom are watching right now on the live stream.

So, thanks for joining us, tonight.

We’re excited to see what you’ll create, what you will create next year inspired by these winners.

Check out their apps.

See what they’ve done.

Learn from them.

They’ve done an incredible job.

As well as being inspired by all of the new things that we announced, today.

Thanks for coming.

Good night.

[ Applause ]

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