Modernizing Your Audio App 

Session 508 WWDC 2019

Apple platforms provide a comprehensive set of audio frameworks and technologies that are essential to creating a rich app experience. Learn about which frameworks and APIs are recommended to ensure that your app is well positioned for the future.

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Hello, and welcome to our session about Modernizing Your Audio App.

My name is Peter Vasil, and I’m a software engineer in the Core Audio Team.

Let’s start with audio units.

Support for Carbon-Component-Based Audio Units will be removed in a future macOS release.

We encourage hosts to use the AudioComponent API for audio unit discovery.

With the next OS release, AudioHardwarePlugIn-based plugins are disabled by default.

We recommend using the AudioServerPlugin API instead.

For now, disabled plugins can be re-enabled in the Audio MIDI Setup utility, but support will be removed completely in a future macOS release.

With the next OS release, we will introduce some deprecations.

AUGraph, Inter-App Audio, and OpenAL will be deprecated.

We encourage developers to switch over to AVAudioEngine, as replacement for AUGraph and OpenAL.

For Inter-App Audio, please use Audio Unit Extensions instead.

The 3D Mixer parameters have been unified across all platforms.

For details, please refer to the AudioUnitParameters header file for a list of new and deprecated parameters.

For more information, please visit the developer website.

Thank you for your attention.

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