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Going Beyond 2D with SpriteKit WWDC 2017 Session 609
SpriteKit. So before we dive in I'd like to quickly talk about what SpriteKit is and where it fits in the Apple rendering picture. SpriteKit is Apple's 2D graphics framework for games. And it's designed to be flexible, fast, and easy to use. It's supported across
What's New in SpriteKit WWDC 2014 Session 606
SpriteKit. So last year we had announced SpriteKit at a conference, a high performance 2D game engine with built-in physics support. We also built tools right inside of Xcode to help developers improve their game content iteration time like the particle editor and the automatic [inaudible] generator. And this
What's New in SpriteKit WWDC 2015 Session 604
SpriteKit. We have a lot of great new features and enhancements to tell you about today. I know that there's a few people in the audience that are new to SpriteKit and I just wanted to take a few minutes first to recap what we're all about. So
Best Practices for Building SpriteKit Games WWDC 2014 Session 608
SpriteKit games. So, we're going to start this off with talking a little about the history of SpriteKit. It's now one year old. You guys have made thousands of games in SpriteKit. And I'm sure you've seen some of the successful ones out there like "100 Balls
Debugging with Xcode 9 WWDC 2017 Session 404
SpriteKit. SpriteKit is a 2D graphics framework and it's available across all of Apple's platforms. It's great for building games, of course. It's also great for building this kind of custom UI. So we wanted to provide the same kind of visual debugging tool for SpriteKit
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2014 Session 102
SpriteKit, we have add, we're adding many new features to both SpriteKit and SceneKit. We're bringing SceneKit to iOS, and of course, we're very excited about our low-overhead, highly optimized Metal API. So, new for this year is a major push to making building casual games
Focus Interaction on tvOS WWDC 2016 Session 215
SpriteKit. Prior to tvOS 10, SpriteKit developers had to manually implement focus interaction in their SpriteKit games by manually keeping track of their own state and handling user events directly. But now in tvOS 10, we're extending the Focus API, the same API you're used to in UIKit
Introducing GameplayKit WWDC 2015 Session 608
SpriteKit node, or a SceneKit node, or a render component. Let's take a look at what this delegation looks like in a SpriteKit game. You see here I have a custom sprite node MyAgentSpriteNode and I'm going to go ahead and implement both of those callbacks that I
Quick Interaction Techniques for watchOS WWDC 2016 Session 211
SpriteKit and SceneKit objects. So SpriteKit and SceneKit are very rich APIs that allow you to do the 2D and 3D graphics, and they allow you to expand significantly the visual language of your applications. We have two new classes for WatchKit that support these frameworks WKInterfaceSKScene for SpriteKit and
What's New in SceneKit WWDC 2014 Session 609
SpriteKit session that was earlier this week, since SceneKit and SpriteKit can really work well together to achieve great results. Okay, for this presentation, I will start with a very brief overview of the SceneKit main principles. It will be very quick. If you want more details, please refer to
Introducing ARKit: Augmented Reality for iOS WWDC 2017 Session 602
SpriteKit. For SpriteKit we're providing an ARSKview, which is a subclass of SKView. It contains an ARSession, which it uses to update its rendering. This includes drawing the camera image in the background, and in this case, mapping SKNodes to ARAnchors. So it provides a very similar set of
Focus Interaction in tvOS 11 WWDC 2017 Session 224
SpriteKit by adopting this protocol on both UIView and SKNode. Well now in tvOS 11 we're adding SCNNode to the UIFocusItem family. So, how does this work? Just like SpriteKit you need to opt in in order to get focus support in your SceneKit apps. This means that nodes
Deeper into GameplayKit with DemoBots WWDC 2015 Session 609
SpriteKit. In WillUpdate, this is a position that you want to take the information from your SpriteKit node that represents your agent in Scene and pull that information back over and update the agent because we're doing this at the front of the SpriteKit update loop and the end
Building Visually Rich User Experiences WWDC 2017 Session 235
SpriteKit. Well, here's a similar here's a particle effect that I created in SpriteKit and this could easily be overlaid in your own app's contents. So, let's take a look at how you can incorporate SpriteKit very easily into your own app. That's literally the
Designing Great Apple Watch Experiences WWDC 2016 Session 804
SpriteKit and SceneKit, our 2D and 3D graphics frameworks. SpriteKit and SceneKit let you render and animate graphics. They let you make elements respond to gestures, or to animate things programmatically. And you can implement physics facts. I mean, it's crazy. Force fields, detect collisions, and more. Now you
Ingredients of Great Games WWDC 2014 Session 602
SpriteKit and SceneKit. You know, let us do the heavy lifting for you. If you don't need to go right to OpenGL or Metal, you can use SpriteKit and SceneKit. It'll allow you to do less programming and let us build out efficient API underneath your game. And
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2015 Session 102
SpriteKit. We have some great updates for SceneKit and SpriteKit, but I think the most interesting, maybe the most compelling, is we have built tools for both SceneKit and SpriteKit directly into Xcode 7, and I'd like to hand it off to my colleague, Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg, to
Introduction to Sprite Kit WWDC 2013 Session 502
SpriteKit represents bitmap reusable bitmap data inside the framework. And they're automatically managed by the framework, so you don't have to worry too much about them. And we provided a number of different ways that you can use to get your content into a SpriteKit texture. The most
Enhancements to SceneKit WWDC 2015 Session 606
SpriteKit are the high-level APIs. SpriteKit for 2D and SceneKit for 3D. You can use them with other game technologies like Model I/O, GameplayKit, and GameController, and give you access to the low-level APIs, which are OpenGL and Metal. SceneKit was introduced on OS X on Mountain Lion
Building a Game with SceneKit WWDC 2014 Session 610
SpriteKit overlays. SpriteKit overlays are really nice, because they are cross-platform. They work on iOS and OS X. And they let you build UIs that work everywhere. In SpriteKit - in "Bananas," we use that to display a simple UI that shows you the final score, and when you're
What's New in Core Image WWDC 2015 Session 510
SpriteKit. If we start in XCode and create a new application, we choose Game, and then we will choose as a game technology SpriteKit. And we just build and run, we will get this application, which as you tap on the screen you get new ships showing up, and you
Visual Debugging with Xcode WWDC 2016 Session 410
SpriteKit and SceneKit frame rate issues. Finally, we're going to tell you about a new feature of Xcode a visual memory graph debugger. Let's get started by talking about issues. We all know that build time issues such as compiler warnings, errors, and static analysis issues are well
What's New in tvOS WWDC 2016 Session 206
SpriteKit, SceneKit and many more, these are all available at your disposal. And finally, tvOS introduces a brand new high-level framework called TVMLKit. TVMLKit makes it really easy for you to build content-centric apps by taking care of the heavy lifting, such as layout and focus management, for
Bringing Your iOS Apps to OS X WWDC 2013 Session 216
SpriteKit. And if you're making a Mac 2D game, really take advantage of SpriteKit if you can because that's going to do most of the heavy lifting for you. That's already cross-platform and so you'll have an app that works on both. So, now that
What's New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2015 Session 107
SpriteKit is now Metal-backed on systems that support it. It is open GL on systems that don't support Metal. This happens automatically without your involvement. There is also an all new action editor and of course it is integrated tightly with on demand resources. You can find out
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2016 Session 102
SpriteKit and SceneKit give you a ton of flexibility to enhance the visuals of your applications and also your notifications. AV Foundation makes it really easy to play sounds out of the watch speaker, and in the spirit of simplifying navigation in your apps, you can now play video back
What's New in watchOS WWDC 2017 Session 205
SpriteKit scene of a child being chased by their parents around the screen. This is the kind of interface that's really hard to do in watchOS because you can't overlap interface elements. So let's take a look at what's going on here. So here we have
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2017 Session 102
SpriteKit scenes, and the view debugger is a perfect way to expand and rotate your scenes, scope ranges, even look at clipped regions. We'll also include support for SceneKit scenes as well. And here you can use the familiar SceneKit editor to rotate the camera, navigate, and inspect objects
What’s New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2013 Session 203
SpriteKits. SpriteKit is a cross platform, high performance, sprite-based game framework. So, this makes it tremendously easy to be able to write fantastic iOS-based games, Mac OS X OS X-based games. It has image atlas support and really tight integration with UIKit and Appkit. One of the
Designing for Game Controllers WWDC 2014 Session 611
SpriteKit sessions: "What's New in SpriteKit" and "Best Practices for Building Spritekit Games." If you're interested in 3D games, check out the SceneKit presentations: "What's New in SceneKit" and "Building a Game with SceneKit." Thank you so much. I'm really excited to see what you're
What's New in tvOS 12 WWDC 2018 Session 208
SpriteKit, and SceneKit, all have native support for focus. However, apps that use alternative methods to render their content have not been able to directly support the focus engine. Today, I am pleased to announce that in tvOS 12, the focus engine, now supports apps regardless of how they are
Accelerate and Sparse Solvers WWDC 2017 Session 711
SpriteKit, ARKit, Vision all those different things you have lots of matrices and vectors flying around. And the simd types are a great set of things to use with that. I should say that SpriteKit in particular or SceneKit in particular added a bunch of new stuff this year. So
App Thinning in Xcode WWDC 2015 Session 404
SpriteKit, allowing you to organize your image assets in the normal way in asset catalogs, and group them, name them into a Sprite atlas, and what this does is automatically creates texture atlases at build time that you can retrieve through the SK texture atlas class from those image assets
I Have This Idea For An App... WWDC 2018 Session 203
SpriteKit to create more imaginative buttons that have elements like gravity or physics associated with them. We could also add MusicKit integration and have Apple music songs playing in the background during active gameplay. Or we could read from sensors and change the speed of our game based on the
What's New in International User Interfaces WWDC 2016 Session 232
SpriteKit view, but you still want to make use of these view controller concepts. You can with this new class method on UIView that gives you the same, that same layout evaluation relative to a semantic content attribute. And that's a brief look at what's new in iOS
SceneKit in Swift Playgrounds WWDC 2017 Session 605
SpriteKit and now we started exploring SceneKit. And for many of you who are familiar with SpriteKit, you'll know that it has these concepts; basically a scene to do your update logic, a node to place things in view, and actions to move those objects around. Now, the benefit
Getting Started with UIKit Dynamics WWDC 2013 Session 206
with View Controllers transition [inaudible] about that. And we have or if you're indeed, game oriented two sessions about SpriteKits. We have a dedicated dynamics lab [inaudible], come talk to us, and we can't wait to see what you're going to do with that. Thank you. [Applause]
SceneKit: What's New WWDC 2017 Session 604
technologies that SceneKit integrate with, like Metal, SpriteKit, and Model I/O, of course. There will be, there is a session about tvOS and UIFocus support. And there will be a great session tomorrow about SceneKit, using SceneKit in Swift Playground tomorrow morning. And that's about it. Thank you. [ Applause ]
What's New in Foundation for Swift WWDC 2016 Session 207
SpriteKit, and WatchKit to CoreData, and many other cores and kits that don't fit here either. Now, what's interesting here is that almost all of these are built on top of Foundation. So, we see Foundation as a leverage point. What that means is that we can make
Keynote WWDC 2015 Session 101
SpriteKit, SceneKit, and Metal and introduced three new frameworks, GameplayKit to bring artificial intelligence with path avoid obstacle avoidance and path finding; Model I/O to provide beautiful lighting on your 3D models; and ReplayKit. It lets you enhance your applications to let users record their game play as video and
Adopting Metal, Part 1 WWDC 2016 Session 602
SpriteKit, SceneKit, and Model I/O. And it's also an important component in key system applications like Preview and Safari. And Metal has been widely adopted by developers of all sizes, from AAA Studios, game engine providers, independent developers, and creators of professional tools, and they've built amazing games
Go Live with ReplayKit WWDC 2016 Session 601
sure to check out our other game technology sessions, what's new in GameplayKit, SpriteKit and Game Center. Okay, so that's it for me. Thanks so much for attending this session and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your week here at WWDC. Thanks so much. [ Applause ]
What's New in Metal, Part 2 WWDC 2016 Session 605
SpriteKit, or Core Graphics, much of this work is done for you, and you as app developers don't need to think about it. Metal, however, is a much lower level API. This offers increased performance and some flexibility but also places some of this responsibility in your hands. So
Getting the Most out of Playgrounds in Xcode WWDC 2018 Session 402
SpriteKit or SyncKit and line by line enhance it until it's completely awesome. So I hope we've shown you today that playgrounds are not a toy. They're fun but they're serious fun. They allow you to explore code and data interactively. This is great whether you
What's New in the Accelerate Framework WWDC 2014 Session 703
SpriteKit, SceneKit, the physics library that goes with them. So if we're going to do a whole new one, we had better get some things right. So, my wish list of what a library like this should look like is kind of like this. First off, we should have
Metal for OpenGL Developers WWDC 2018 Session 604
SpriteKit for 2D games, SceneKit for some 3D, Core Image for great effects. Also, each of the major third-party game engines already use Metal as their primary renderer. But you may decide that these approaches just aren't for you and the path forward is to do it yourself
Inside SwiftShot: Creating an AR Game WWDC 2018 Session 605
SpriteKit as well as third-party ones like Unreal and Unity have a full integration at this point. A little agenda for you. First we're going to talk some game design principles for augmented reality, a few of the things we learned along the way. We are going to