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Designing Code for Performance WWDC 2013 Session 224
Steve Jobs and that gets determined to go in bucket 0, great, no problem. OK. Now we're going to add Gil Amelio and our hash function decides that it goes in the same bucket as Steve Jobs. We have a collision in our hash table, rather unfortunate and somewhat
A Strategy for Great Work WWDC 2014 Session 237
Steve Jobs' announcement of the iPhone, the original announcement in 2007, he pointed out very, very clearly this virtue of the iPhone that it didn't have those plastic keys on the bottom, we could draw the keyboard and make it look like whatever we wanted. So now jumping back
Think Audacious WWDC 2015 Session 112
Steve Jobs gave his infamous 2005 commencement speech, and that speech really changed my life. He told us all to never settle, to keep pushing, to keep going until you find your true passion, until you can follow your heart. And I sat there on that day deciding: I'm
Keynote WWDC 2015 Session 101
Steve Jobs and Eddy Cue, and they showed me something brilliant and groundbreaking, a simple, elegant way to buy music online, iTunes. I'm like, wow, the ads are real. These guys really do think different. [Laughter] So they could help move culture the same way that art moves culture
Core ML 3 Framework WWDC 2019 Session 704
Steve Jobs. [ Applause ] OK. I think that's right. Let me try another one. Where was the main office located? Redwood City, California [ Applause ] Now I also have a question that I'm very interested in. Let me try that. How much were engineers paid? Seventy-five thousand or $50,000 [applause
Public Transit in Apple Maps WWDC 2016 Session 241
Steve Jobs once said, "Details matter. It's worth waiting to get it right". Here are some examples of additional data that we collect ourselves. Station entrances and exits. Station footprints or the outlines of stations. Agency signage. And the real world path of transit lines by which I mean
Designing Games with Sprite Kit WWDC 2013 Session 503
Steve Jobs is, "It just works." So here, we have a Texture Atlas, inside we have the same tree that's on the bottom left corner. Let's use the same API load, you get exact same texture image. And now, I want to talk a little bit about loose
Advances in Networking, Part 2 WWDC 2017 Session 709
Steve Jobs announced Bonjour to the world. And I got the opportunity to tell you all how it worked. A lot has happened since then. Since we launched it in 2004, we brought out Bonjour for Windows, for Linux. We had Java APIs. The next year Mac OS X 10.4 introduced
Talking In Pictures: Reconstructing the Building Blocks of Language WWDC 2016 Session 106
Steve Jobs announced the iPad. And that was the start of the tablet revolution. But it also was a revolution in the fortunes of my startup because we saw this as a way of getting ourselves out of this hardware corner that we painted ourselves into and being able to
API Design for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch WWDC 2010 Session 138
Jobs or Steve Gates, you know, that would be good. An abomination. [Laughter] So you want to you know, that's that high-level consistency I'm taking about. Now, atomicity is still often a good idea to use. Leave properties atomic. It is safer. When you might concern an
What's New in UICollectionView in iOS 10 WWDC 2016 Session 219
Steve. It means a lot to me. Hey, great job. Great job. It's like the summarizer we talked about today. We went over the brand new UICollectionView cell pre-fetching stuff, and we can't wait to see what you guys are going to do in your apps with
What's New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2010 Session 101
job of downloading the betas, getting your apps ready for the iPad, and sending us a lot of great bugs. So, thank you very much. And today, yesterday actually, you heard Steve talked about iOS 4 and all of the support that we've put in it for the hardware
Convenience for You is Independence for Me WWDC 2017 Session 110
job or you don't. So, they pulled the funds. I had to go to my boss and say man I've got to make a lot more than 25K. He said, no problem. Done. What? Why couldn't we do this two years ago [laughter]? Later he told me he took advantage of me because of my disability [laughter]. Ain't that tight. Man, way to go Steve
Introducing On Demand Resources WWDC 2015 Session 214
job as a developer. Now, Xcode does its job because it takes all this tagging and groups these into asset packs. In this case, we ended up with three asset packs. We have the asset pack for Level 1, the asset pack for Level 2, and we ended up with a third asset pack which is the shared assets between those two levels, again, avoiding duplication. Okay. So Xcode has
A Tour of UICollectionView WWDC 2018 Session 225
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Well, good afternoon and welcome to a tour of UICollectionView. My name is Steve Breen I'll set this over here and I'm a frameworks engineer on the UIKit team. And I'm joined on stage today with my colleague, Mohammed Jisrawi, also on the UIKit team
Creating Content With iAd JS, Part 2 WWDC 2010 Session 511
Steve showed in the Toy Story demo back in April. We have rating control. We have start control. We got all these cool stuff. We even do color flow, which sounds amazing but we just do that and you get it for free by just laying out of HTML in your page. It's pretty awesome. So, that was views and control. Now I'd like to wrap this up
Working with Wide Color WWDC 2016 Session 712
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Hello and welcome. I hope that everybody's having a great WWDC. My name is Justin Stoyles, I'm part of our Graphics and Media Group here at Apple. And I'm really excited to talk to you today about working with wide color. We're going to
What’s New in Foundation Networking WWDC 2013 Session 705
[ Silence ] Good morning. I'm Steve and I'm going to talk today about what's new in Foundation Networking. So, Foundation Networking gives you new API this year: NSURLSession. You might have heard this talked about yesterday during the multitasking APIs talk. NSURLSession is a replacement for NSURLConnection. The
Developer Tools State of the Union WWDC 2010 Session 300
[ Applause ] Good afternoon. It was only two short years ago that they introduced the iPhone SDK, and developers like you have downloaded it more than 2 million times. You guys have created more than 225,000 apps for the App Store. And users of iPhones, iPods, and now, iPads, have
The Accelerate framework for iPhone OS WWDC 2010 Session 202
Good morning, everyone. My name is Steve Canon. I'm a Senior Engineer in the Vector Numerics Group. And today, I'm going to be taking to you about the Accelerate framework for iPhone OS. I'm going to start off with a little bit of overview of the ARM
Neural Networks and Accelerate WWDC 2016 Session 715
[ Music ] Good afternoon, and welcome to the Accelerate Session. My name is Eric Bainville, and I'm with the Core OS, Vector and Numerics group. Our group provides performance libraries for CPU. Performance libraries means we usually are [inaudible] can provide very compute intense functions like matrix products, [inaudible] transform
Mastering Xcode for iPhone OS Development, Part 1 WWDC 2010 Session 301
Todd Fernandez: Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to Session 301, Mastering Xcode for iPhone OS, I mean iOS development. I'm Todd Fernandez and I manage the Xcode iPhone tools and Dash Code teams, and I am very happy to be here with you today to tell you about all the
Graphics and Media State of the Union WWDC 2010 Session 400
[ Applause ] Thank you for coming. It's going to be a great week. Today, in this session, we are going to talk about all the great technologies that we make for the graphics and media needs of your applications. Apple delivers products that give users incredible immersive, vivid user experiences
Marvel: Making a Difference in the Real World WWDC 2016 Session 108
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Hello true believers! So, let me know, do we have any Marvel fans in the house? [ Cheering ] Alright! Good to hear! So, you know the phrase, with great power comes great responsibility. Right? So, you've heard that from Spider-Man stories, whether that's comic books or
Sensing Device Motion in iOS 4 WWDC 2010 Session 423
Chris Moore: Good morning. My name is Chris. So Motion has been a huge topic in iPhone OS since day one. We love it. You guys love it and most importantly customers love it. Now, as Steve hinted out on Monday, we have some great new Motion sensing capabilities that