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The Accelerate Framework WWDC 2013 Session 713
Accelerate Framework is to solve this problem. The Accelerate Framework is a collection of functions of commonly used computationally intensive operations. The Accelerate Framework is designed to be high performance and deliver great energy savings for all of these APIs that are available. When you adopt the Accelerate Framework you
The Accelerate framework for iPhone OS WWDC 2010 Session 202
Accelerate framework for iPhone OS. I’m going to start off with a little bit of overview of the ARM architecture, and then we’re going to go a very high-level overview of what’s in the Accelerate framework, and we’re going to have a few examples of
What’s New in the Accelerate Framework WWDC 2014 Session 703
Accelerate Framework. The Accelerate Framework is a collection of routines which deliver a huge range of functionality. All this functionality is going to be extremely fast and be very energy efficient. Today I want to introduce some new features and functionality to the Accelerated Framework which are designed to really
Sensing Device Motion in iOS 4 WWDC 2010 Session 423
acceleration the user is giving the device and we call that second component user acceleration. Now, these two things are useful for measuring different physical actions. So you can use gravity to measure rotations. When the user rotates the phone left and right or forward and backwards that will show
Building Animation Driven Interfaces WWDC 2010 Session 123
accelerated fashion. Many people believe that in order to build a hardware-accelerated animated UI, you need to learn OpenGL or some other similar technology. With UIView Animations, that’s just not true. Now, you may have noticed the logo that I used that I’m using in my animation
Getting Started with UIKit Dynamics WWDC 2013 Session 206
accelerate 1 kilogram to UIKit Newton. Accelerate to 100 point by 100 point view with a default density to Should we give it a name on UIKit, You don’t we don’t need a name actually ’cause it’s really in Newton. Observe that we are expressing it in
Direct Access to Video Encoding and Decoding WWDC 2014 Session 513
accelerated and Multi-Pass is also hardware accelerated, so you’re not losing any hardware acceleration there. Second point is that Multi-Pass has knowledge of the future. Now it’s not some crazy time traveling video encoder. Bonus points whoever filed that enhancement request. It allows or is able
Maximizing OpenCL Performance WWDC 2010 Session 418
accelerating it. Today the implementation is purely CPU and there’s been some experiments with SSE and some other things. But it’s not really an accelerated API. So what we’re looking to do is how can we give it a real boost. So we looked at cloth, and
Taking Advantage of Multiple GPUs WWDC 2010 Session 422
accelerated, you want it to be double buffered, “Hey, this is the one display I want to use.” In this case I’m saying, “Hey, I just want whatever GPU’s hooked up to the main display, give me that one.” Please don’t do this. First of all, it
Harnessing OpenCL in Your Application WWDC 2010 Session 416
accelerator. And, this brings in new problems into the programming paradigms. Some of these devices may have their own memory attached to them, which sit off in a separate address space and do not fit together contiguously with the RAM you’re used to using on your system in your
What’s New in LLVM WWDC 2014 Session 417
accelerates loops using these vector instructions. And let’s see how it’s done. If you can see the code on the screen here, you’ll see that it’s a simple program that accumulates all the numbers in the array into one variable, into sum. And, the natural way
Designing for Game Controllers WWDC 2014 Session 611
acceleration when the player is shaking the controller. It excludes gravity. And the units are also in G’s. So in the same scenario, when the phone is at rest on a table, the acceleration will be 0, 0, 0. We also have attitude. This allows you to know the
CSS Effects, Part 2: Galleries and 3D Effects WWDC 2010 Session 504
acceleration when it’s available. So let me show you now another example of another page we’ve created using only CSS transitions and animations. Again, the look is very similar but as I tap over the image, look how smooth the transition is. We’ve used a scaling transition
Optimize Your Code Using LLVM WWDC 2013 Session 408
accelerate your code using intrinsics and using the extended vector syntax. But he also talked to you about some of the disadvantages of this method. I mean, who wants to maintain multiple versions of their code for different processors? It’s difficult. Well, I’m excited to tell you about
Working with OpenCL WWDC 2013 Session 508
accelerate portions of the video processing pipeline in Adobe Premiere, and he has a really cool demo, so stick around for that. So let’s first talk about where OpenCL is going to work. When we launched CL in Snow Leopard, you could use OpenCL on the CPU on any
Harnessing the Power of the Mac Pro with OpenGL and OpenCL WWDC 2014 Session 601
accelerated 3D rendering API. And we support OpenGL 4.1 Core Profile and the shaders that you write that are executed on the GPU are written in a language called GLSL. And we support version 4.10. And, OpenCL is the data parallel programming API that the Mac Pro supports. And it
Creating Content With iAd JS, Part 2 WWDC 2010 Session 511
acceleration. That means you can use all of these features and get incredible performance from something that just fits in the palm of your hand. And I think that really amazes me still today. So that’s HTML5, the core of our rich media experience on iPhone. But I’ve
Key Event Handling in Cocoa Applications WWDC 2010 Session 145
accelerate access to commonly used menu items and buttons via the keyboard. So here we see the Save button which has a key equivalent of return which is why it’s showing blue and we have the New menu item which has a key equivalent of command-N of course
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2013 Session 101
accelerating because they’re constantly working on improving our app store experience. This year, we’re making it easier for users to discover new apps through our apps [inaudible] feature which crowd-sources relevant apps that you might want to use based on your location. So for example, you can
Keynote WWDC 2013 Session 100
Accelerated Scrolling and OpenGL 4 for super responsive graphics. And, a topic I want to go into in a bit more detail now, Timer Coalescing. So you know, when you look at battery life on your computer, the real factor that software has the most influence over is CPU activity
Moving to AV Kit and AV Foundation WWDC 2013 Session 606
acceleration in ways that QuickTime could not such as video encoding. And we made major design decisions in AV Foundation with the goal of power efficiency. Remember this is a framework that was first delivered on the iPhone. It is a device that we tested and run on a battery
Introducing the Modern WebKit API WWDC 2014 Session 206
acceleration and Core Animation. The full power of the JavaScript Nitro engine on both OS X and iOS. [ Applause ] And this includes the fourth-tier compiler, that Greg was telling you about yesterday. We’ve taken the back/forward swipes and the pinch to zoom gestures and from Safari and built
Hidden Gems in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch WWDC 2013 Session 228
accelerated stuff. You get the animation. Here are some of the animations facts you can do. And you can actually add Core Animation stuff. So if you for some reason wanted a TableView of shapes, clipping, gradients, or something like that, you could actually do that. And again, actually this
Advanced Graphics and Animations for iOS Apps WWDC 2014 Session 419
accelerated. And then once the view hierarchy is being rendered we can finally display it to the user. So the interesting part is now how does this look like time wise within the application? So, therefore, I would like to introduce the following grid. The vertical lines represent particular blanking
Working with Metal: Fundamentals WWDC 2014 Session 604
Accelerate Framework. And it actually happened yesterday, okay. But I think this is really important because we talked about sharing data structures between the CPU and the GPU. So this actually session talks about the same library. So definitely go and listen to it. And that’s it. Thank you
Getting the Most Out of Web Inspector WWDC 2013 Session 603
accelerated and hosted in a composited layer. So our video is playing and it’s kind of on its own space above the rest of the web page. Now, let’s imagine that you hover over the video and you want the controls to appear. So you’re probably state
Introduction to iBooks Author Widget and iAd Rich Media Ad Development with iAd Producer 4 WWDC 2013 Session 609
accelerate your ad development process with iAd Blueprints. So again, when you launch iAd Producer, you get our Project Picker. And if you choose iAd, that first option for the project type you’re going to choose, you have those four templates to choose from that are great jumping off
What’s New in SpriteKit WWDC 2014 Session 606
acceleration gets converted into angular velocity and start orbiting the planet or shoots out. So, we use the fields to simulate any physical field forces and fields can interact with the physics bodies that’s in the region. And the region is the place where we define the field effect
Adopting Advanced Features of the New UI of OS X Yosemite WWDC 2014 Session 220
accelerated theme going on using the GPU, and that’s a good observation. Some types of layers also need a little bit of help in these areas. Movie layers and OpenGL layers kind of get grandfathered in with the views, but other things like layers with 3D transforms and layers
What’s New in Instruments WWDC 2010 Session 304
accelerator for that, so I can just say command t and I can say, stop animation. So now I have dtrace probe points for starting and stopping animation. So now let’s go ahead and run the GLUT Mech app again and let’s have it do some things. Go
Improving Your App with Instruments WWDC 2014 Session 418
Accelerate framework that has that done, and if I tap on that version, see it actually finished here in about 200 milliseconds and it’s one line of code and it works, and it’s optimized for multiple cores, multiple devices. A piece of cake, please don’t go write
Graphics and Media State of the Union WWDC 2010 Session 400
acceleration. So in iPhone 4, that is five megapixels of uncompressed data for you to work with in your photography applications. We give you excellent device control. On all iPhones, you can set the point of interest for exposure and for white balance. I’m really looking forward to seeing
Advanced Performance Optimization on iPhone OS, Part 1 WWDC 2010 Session 135
accelerate” and this is great stuff. This is all really, really highly optimized code that you can just use out of the box that will give us this vector processing to do lots of operations at once. So in this case, we’re using the summing the vector elements. And
Simplifying Touch Event Handling with Gesture Recognizers WWDC 2010 Session 120
accelerated selection you want. So this a bewildering array of possibilities. And you see this sort of thing not just in Safari but all sorts of apps and different context and it leads to a paralysis. When a finger comes in contact with the screen, I know I want to
OpenGL Essential Design Practices WWDC 2010 Session 414
accelerates your rendering. And when you’re talking about interactive frame rates, this matters. Faster rendering equals better image quality. Drawing efficiently, allows drawing more: more models, more vertices in those models, more pixels, longer shaders, better special effects in your application. All at an interactive frame rate. All right
The New iTunes Connect WWDC 2014 Session 302
acceleration over time as well. Let’s talk about what it takes to influence that, and why App Analytics is really important. So first, our App Store presence. We can see on this chart now I have that orange dot and I see that App Store presence really can influence
Integrating Ads with iAd WWDC 2010 Session 112
accelerated. So no more JavaScript to animate something across the screen. This is happening down on the graphics hardware and the touches are exposed as DOM events by WebKit. Finally, we’re going to deliver an optimal user experience in the iAd rich media ads because the user will never
Painting the Future WWDC 2013 Session 109
accelerated And it was originally developed at Weta Digital in New Zealand which is Peter Jackson’s visual effects company. I’m the product manager for MARI but I’m also the original author. And what I’d like to do is just take you through just exactly what a
Accessibility in OS X WWDC 2013 Session 200
acceleration between one and five buttons and scrolling capabilities. The case with the Trackpad, you also have Multi-Touch gestures. How do you take all of this input and fit it in one button. All right, it’s not an easy task. So after much deliberation and much kind of