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Designing for Future Hardware WWDC 2015 Session 801
designing for future hardware. I’m Jeffrey Traer Bernstein. With me are Matthaeus Krenn and Bill Lindmeier. Who is this session for? Perhaps you’re creating a device that’s connected to an application. That device could be, say, a dishwasher that you would like to control from your application
Designing for Apple Watch WWDC 2015 Session 802
Designing with Animation. Next, as in not next because it was a couple hours ago, but we had a great presentation called Designing for Future Hardware. That’s a fascinating look at how you design for a device that doesn’t yet exist. The video will be online shortly, of
Designing with Animation WWDC 2015 Session 803
Designing for Future Hardware, that applies this prototyping process to apps connected to devices. Both of these should be available in videos online. You should certainly also check out all the other design sessions for more information on how you can be designing all these screens. But finally, we would
Keynote WWDC 2016 Session 101
[ Cheering and Applause ] Thank you. Before we start with the keynote, we’d like to take a moment to talk about the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Orlando, Florida. We offer our deepest sympathies to everyone whose lives were touched by this violence. It was senseless, unconscionable act of terrorism
The Life of a Button WWDC 2018 Session 804
designs sounds across our products. Before we begin I wanted to explain a little bit about why we’re going to be talking about a button for a while here. I design and prototype user interfaces for future hardware. Because of the nature of my work I can’t always
Working with Metal: Overview WWDC 2014 Session 603
hardware features. We didn’t want it bogged down with the [inaudible] of 20 years of previous GPU designs. We wanted to focus entirely and squarely on the future. We knew that there were some expensive CPU operations that needed to take place, but we wanted to carefully control when
What’s New in LLVM WWDC 2016 Session 405
design is usually so successful, is because your program data have two locality properties: Temporal locality and spatial locality. Temporal locality simply means the data your program accesses now, it will access this very soon again. Spatial locality simply means data your program accesses now, it will also access neighboring data. So when you access an array field, it will also access the field next to it. When it accesses
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2018 Session 102
future. And of course, you want to handle those shortcuts when they occur. Now if you’ve done all this, you get something pretty cool in that you can interact with your shortcut directly from home pod. So now without picking up your phone, you can just ask Siri from your home pod for your kid’s soccer roster, and it will respond using the app. Now if you also
App Startup Time: Past, Present, and Future WWDC 2017 Session 413
hardware, you shouldn’t shut down the hardware in response to a dlclose because some other code in your app may have opened it behind your back and so now your hardware‘s not shutting down. You should have explicit resource management. There are also a number of features on our platforms that prevent dylibs from unloading, and I’d like to go through a few of those because maybe
User Privacy in iOS and OS X WWDC 2014 Session 715
design a piece of external hardware you should not count on a stable Mac address until after authentication. Go test some iOS state and understand the impact this may have for you. This year in Safari there’s a new setting. This will allow users to block third party cookies and it is available both on iOS and OS X. Now, I assume most of you, if not all of
Advances in AirPrint WWDC 2013 Session 711
designed to be really easy for users with a simple UI and it’s actually really pretty simple for you as a developer to add printing to your app. But first the most important part of printing is providing really good content, as Howard mentioned. The best apps provide useful, attractive, high quality output. It’s best to think of this as like high end graphic design. I recommend kind
Harnessing OpenCL in Your Application WWDC 2010 Session 416
My name is Ian Ollmann and I’m the first speaker in a series that will talk to you about OpenCL. OpenCL is Snow Leopard technology which was just released a couple of months ago, this fall. And, I wanted to give you an overview of what OpenCL is all
Introducing Metal 2 WWDC 2017 Session 601
[ Applause ] Welcome. We introduced the host of new technologies with Metal 2 to allow you to make better, faster, and more efficient applications. My name is Michal and together with my colleague Richard we’ll explore three main themes today. With Metal 2 we are continuing our direction of moving
Apple Pay Within Apps WWDC 2015 Session 702
NICK SHEARER: So, hello, everybody! Welcome to WWDC and welcome to learning about Apple Pay within applications. Now my name is Nick and I’m a software engineer on the iOS Apps and Frameworks team. I’m going to be joined here by Rachel and we’re going to be
Introducing Desktop-class Browsing on iPad WWDC 2019 Session 203
future proof than using feature detection to see what each configuration is capable of. We’re going to stand up here and tell you that responsive design is best practices for whatever the hot new product is year after year after year until finally we don’t have to because it’s the norm. Server-delivered content that’s agnostic to who asked for it but adapted with responsive design
Protecting your Users’ Privacy WWDC 2013 Session 714
Good morning. [ Applause ] Good very early morning. My name is Katie Skinner and I work with teams all across Apple on user privacy. This includes iOS, OS X, iCloud, iWork, iTunes, and along with David Stites, David give a wave. We’re going be to talking about protecting your user
Advances in macOS Security WWDC 2019 Session 701
future version of macOS, unsigned code will not run by default anymore. And to get there, there’s a couple of things that you can do to help improve the security of the platform. First, sign and notarize all the software that you distribute, even if it doesn’t get quarantined today. Second, don’t break application or bundle signatures at runtime. If you do need to update an application
Keynote WWDC 2019 Session 101
(Applause) (Music playing) FEMALE SPEAKER: Don’t stay up too late. MALE SPEAKER: Come on. MALE SPEAKER: All right. MALE SPEAKER: Yes. MALE SPEAKER: Woo. This is good. (Music playing) (Applause) TIM COOK: Wow. Thank you. Good morning. And welcome to WWDC 2019. (Applause) It is so great to be
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2016 Session 102
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Good afternoon. Welcome to WC 2016. Quite a bit has happened since we met about a year ago. With the addition of tvOS, then our four Apple OS platforms, a lot of them with their own app store, and all our platforms are optimized for their own unique
Achieving All-day Battery Life WWDC 2015 Session 707
JON ANDREWS: Good morning. Thank you for coming to see our session on achieving all-day battery Life. It’s an area I am really excited to get to talk to you about. My name is Jon Andrews from Core OS, and my colleague, Soren Spies, will also be joining
Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X WWDC 2013 Session 700
[ Silence ] Welcome to Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X. So, my name is Peter Langenfeld. I’ll be walking you guys through the session today, and a little bit about what are we going to talk about. Of course, we’re going to talk about the new features in
Keynote WWDC 2013 Session 100
[ Applause ] [ Music ] [ Applause ] Thank you. [ Applause ] I’m really glad you like that. Those words mean a great deal to us, and you’ll see that reflected throughout the show today. Welcome to the Worldwide Developers Conference. You’re going to have incredible week. This is our 24th WWDC. It
Metal for Game Developers WWDC 2018 Session 607
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Welcome. Last year, we introduced Metal 2, which includes new ways for the GPU to drive the rendering pipeline. This year, we’re introducing even more new and exciting features to solve common game development challenges. My name is Brian Ross, and together with my colleague, Michael Imbrogno
Moving to AV Kit and AV Foundation WWDC 2013 Session 606
[ Silence ] Good afternoon. [ Applause ] Well my name is Sam Bushell and I work on Media Frameworks. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about in this session. We’re going to talk about Media Frameworks, old and new. We’re going to talk about QuickTime and QTKit
Prototyping for AR WWDC 2018 Session 808
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Thanks, Mike. Hey everyone. How many of you’re interested in AR? All right. Cool. Now how many of you have an AR app in the App Store already? Okay. A few less. I get it. AR can be pretty intimidating. Well, today we’re going to look
UIKit: Apps for Every Size and Shape WWDC 2018 Session 235
[ Music ] My name is David Duncan. I’ll be joined on stage by my colleague Tyler Fox and Russell Ladd. And we’re here to talk to you about building apps for every size and shape. So I don’t know how many of you were here back when we
Developing CarPlay Systems, Part 2 WWDC 2016 Session 723
[ Music ] Hello. My name is Tanya, and I want to welcome you to the second session about developing CarPlay systems. The video to Part 1 is also available. So if you haven’t watched it, definitely check it out. In this session, we’ll cover more detail on how CarPlay
Advances in App Background Execution WWDC 2019 Session 707
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Hi. I’m Roberto from the Software Battery Life Team here at Apple, and I’m really excited to talk to you guys today about advances in App Background Execution. Users love apps, and they love apps because of the many great experiences that they enable. Some of
VR with Metal 2 WWDC 2017 Session 603
[ Crowd Sounds ] [ Applause ] Good morning, everyone. Welcome to VR with Metal 2. My name is Rav Dhiraj, and I’m a member of the GPU Software Team at Apple. So, as you saw in our Introducing Metal 2 Session, we’ve enabled some great new features this year. And in
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2014 Session 102
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Vice President, OS X platform experience, Andreas Wendker. [ Applause ] Good afternoon. Welcome to the 25th WWDC. [ Cheering ] So, if you watched the keynote this morning, you will have noticed that this year we have a very strong focus on our developer technologies. We’re building
Developing CarPlay Systems, Part 1 WWDC 2016 Session 722
[ Music ] Hello, and welcome to our first session on developing CarPlay Systems. My name is Emily, and I’m responsible for Car Experience engineering at Apple. CarPlay was designed from the ground up as a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. CarPlay takes the things you
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2015 Session 102
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Vice President OS X Platform, Andreas Wendker. [ Cheers and applause ] ANDREAS WENDKER: Good afternoon. Welcome to WWDC 2015. This is another exciting year to be an Apple developer. With the addition of the new watchOS SDK, there are now three major platforms for your apps
System Extensions and DriverKit WWDC 2019 Session 702
[ Music ] [ Applause ] My name is Joe. And later, I’ll be joined by my colleagues Simon and Scott. We’re from the Core OS Group and we’d like to tell you about some new developments with Kernel Extensions in macOS 10.15 Catalina. Kernel Extensions or Kexts, are a technology
Adopting AirPrint WWDC 2014 Session 718
Okay, good morning, everybody. Welcome to the WWDC 2014 Printing session. I’m Howard Miller, I’m the Engineering Manager for everything printing at Apple. Today we’ve got a pretty straightforward agenda, we’re going to give a little bit of an update on AirPrint. We’re going to
Advances in AVFoundation Playback WWDC 2016 Session 503
[ Music ] Good morning. [ Applause ] Welcome to our session on Advances in AVFoundation Playback. My name is Sam Bushell. Today we’re going to talk about some new enhancements that we’ve added to try and smooth over some rough edges that some developers have found challenging. So AVFoundation provides APIs
Developing Applications that work with iPhone OS Accessories WWDC 2010 Session 201
This morning we’re going to talk to you about the many opportunities that iPhone OS provides for connecting applications to accessories. We’re also going to specifically point out the new opportunities that you have in iOS 4. There are three ways that accessories can connect to iPhone OS
Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X WWDC 2014 Session 701
Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Thank you for coming today. My name is Robert Walsh, and I manage the Platform Accessories team at Apple. And today we’re going to be talking about designing accessories for iOS and OS X. So, we’ve got a packed session, so let’s
Privacy and Your App WWDC 2015 Session 703
[ Applause ] KATIE SKINNER: Hi, everyone. My name’s Katie Skinner, and along with Jason Novak, we are going to be talking about privacy in your app this afternoon. We are both members of Product Security and Privacy at Apple. That means we work with teams all across Apple to build
Improving Your Existing Apps with Swift WWDC 2015 Session 403
[ Applause ] WOODY LIDSTONE: Hi, everyone. I made a comment to Stefan earlier today, saying, I hope some people come out to this. And it’s incredible. You are just packing the place. So, thank you for coming out. My name is Woody, and I would like to introduce you to
What’s New in Core ML, Part 1 WWDC 2018 Session 708
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Good morning. Welcome. I’m Michael, and this session is about what’s new in Core ML. So introduced a year ago, Core ML is all about making it unbelievably simple for you to integrate machine learning models into your app. It’s been wonderful to see the
WWDC 2017 Keynote WWDC 2017 Session 101
My desk is on the seventh floor, if you need anything, you can call me. Make sure to keep your ID with you because you’re going to need to badge in every time you reenter. The cafeteria is on the fourth floor and we generally take lunch about 12
Best Practices for Building Apps Used in Business and Education WWDC 2016 Session 304
[ Music ] Good afternoon. My name is David O’Rourke. Thank you [ Applause ] I think we’re at the midpoint of the conference this week. How’s it going for everyone? Been worth your time? I was told something just before coming on stage so that there was no pressure. But
OpenGL Essential Design Practices WWDC 2010 Session 414
My name is Dan Omachi. I work for the Apples GPU Software Team on the OpenGL Framework for Mac OS X, as well as the OpenGL ES Framework on iOS 4. I hope you guys are here today, because you’d really like to add some stunning visual effects to
What’s New in Xcode WWDC 2015 Session 104
Ken Orr: Good morning. [applause] Ken Orr: Xcode 7 is our next major release of tools for building Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps. Let’s get started this morning and take a look at what’s new in Xcode. The biggest news this year is that we’ve
Metal for Pro Apps WWDC 2019 Session 608
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Welcome to the Metal for Pro Apps session. My name is Eugene, and together with Dileep and Brian, we’ll be talking about utilizing Metal to enable new workflows and unleash all the power of Macs and iPads for your Pro applications. But what is a Pro App
Advanced Dark Mode WWDC 2018 Session 218
[ Music ] Good morning, everyone. [ Applause ] Wow. Thank you. Welcome to Advanced Dark Mode. I’m Matt Jacobson. I’ll be joined later on stage by my colleague, Jeff Nadeau. We’re engineers in the Cocoa Frameworks group at Apple. We are super excited to talk to you today about the
Testing in Xcode 5 WWDC 2013 Session 409
[ Silence ] Good morning. [ Applause ] Wow. Thank you for coming to Testing in Xcode 5. I’m Mike and before we get started, could I have everyone raise your hand if you’ve ever written a unit test before. Wow. Actually, could you keep your hand up if you’ve written
Understanding Undefined Behavior WWDC 2017 Session 407
[ Background voices ] Good morning. Welcome to the understanding undefined behavior session. I know all of you have already spent countless hours debugging bugs that would just disappear when you switched from release to debug mode. You might even have lost users because you couldn’t reproduce the bugs that happened
Keynote WWDC 2014 Session 101
[ Silence ] I think a developer would look like a geek. Nerdy, plaid. Unshaven, glasses. Spikey hair, beard. A guy behind a door, that’s got enough of a crack they can slide a pizza underneath. I think you won’t even know who a developer is. I think you’d
Apple Design Awards WWDC 2015 Session 103
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2015 Apple Design Awards and welcome your host for this evening, John Geleynse. [ Applause ] JOHN GELEYNSE: Well, good evening. It is or good afternoon. It’s still afternoon, actually. It is great to be here. It’s a great moment to end off this
Securing Application Data WWDC 2010 Session 209
John Wright: Hello, everyone. My name is John Wright. I’m part of Platform Technologies in Core OS. We’re responsible for a lot of the security infrastructure in iOS. And today, we’re going to talk about a little bit about protecting data on the phone. So we’re
Designing for Game Controllers WWDC 2014 Session 611
[ Applause ] Thank you. Good morning, good morning. And welcome. You know, I love games. I’ve been playing them my whole life. I love making games. I love teaching about games. And I’m really excited to talk to you today about designing for game controllers. My name is JJ
Writing Energy Efficient Apps WWDC 2017 Session 238
Battery life is very important to your users. And apps are directly tied to battery life. So as developers, it’s very important that we’re careful about how we write our code. And the reason for this is if I’m a user and I’m having bad battery
What’s New in tvOS WWDC 2016 Session 206
[ Music ] Welcome to what’s new in tvOS. [ Applause ] I’m Hans, and I’m an engineer on the tvOS team. We’re really thrilled this year to welcome you to the very first WWDC for tvOS. [ Applause ] So I’d like to begin this afternoon with a brief overview
App Thinning in Xcode WWDC 2015 Session 404
ANDERS BERTELRUD: Good morning. My name is Anders. I would like to welcome you to session 404, App Thinning in Xcode. Now, app thinning has been mentioned on this stage several times this week, but judging from your questions and the number of questions in the lab yesterday, a lot
How iOS Security Really Works WWDC 2016 Session 705
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Thank you. You’re all amazing for coming to a security talk at 4:00 p.m. I know it’s been a long day, but thank you so much for coming. My name is Ivan Krstic, I head Security Engineering and Architecture at Apple, which is the group
Build Better Apps with CloudKit Dashboard WWDC 2017 Session 226
[ Applause ] Good morning. My name is Dave Browning. I’m on the CloudKit team here at Apple, and I’m super excited to talk to you about some new things in CloudKit, especially a brand-new CloudKit Dashboard. If you’re not familiar with it, the Dashboard is a web
Apple Watch Design Tips and Tricks WWDC 2015 Session 805
[Applause] MIKE STERN: Hello, everyone. My name is Mike Stern. I am a User Experience Evangelist at Apple, and it’s a pleasure to be with you here today. So today’s session is about designing for Apple Watch, and in particular we are going to talk about tips and
Modernizing Your UI for iOS 13 WWDC 2019 Session 224
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Hello everybody. This is modernizing your UI for iOS 13. I’m David Duncan. I’ll be joined on stage shortly by my colleagues Russell, Kyle, James, and Mohammed. In this section, we’re going to talk about six things. Preparing your applications for Flexible UI. Improvements that
Layout and Animation Techniques for WatchKit WWDC 2015 Session 216
[ Applause ] MIGUEL SANCHEZ: Hello, everyone. Welcome session 216, Layout and Animation Techniques for WatchKit. My name is Miguel Sanchez, I’m a WatchKit engineer. Later you will hear from my colleague Tom Witkin. So the agenda for today is to give you an overview of the layout fundamentals of WatchKit
Building Watch Apps WWDC 2015 Session 108
(Applause) NEIL DESAI: Hi, everyone. Welcome to Building Watch Apps. My name is Neil Desai, and I am an engineer on the watchOS program. Today I am going to show you how to build a watchOS app from the ground up. So we’re going to talk through the architecture
iOS Accessibility WWDC 2015 Session 201
IAN FISCH: Good morning, and welcome to Accessibility on iOS, my name is Ian Fisch and I’m an engineer on the Accessibility team. So accessibility is really about making sure all users, regardless of abilities, have full access to all of our products and the great features you put
Harnessing the Power of the Mac Pro with OpenGL and OpenCL WWDC 2014 Session 601
[ Music ] Good morning and welcome to the session. My name is Abe Stephens, and I’m an engineer in the GPU Frameworks Team at Apple, and this morning, I’m going to tell you about how to take advantage of the New Mac Pro Workstation, which is a really exciting
Developing a Great Profiling Experience WWDC 2019 Session 414
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Good afternoon and welcome to our session on Developing a Great Profiling Experience. I’m Daniel Delwood and I’ll be joined by Kasper Harasim [phonetic]. And today we’re here to talk about making great Custom Instruments packages. Now as developers, we all strive to create excellent
Optimizing I/O for Performance and Battery Life WWDC 2016 Session 719
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Hello and welcome. My name is Kushal Dalmia, and I and my colleague, Terry Long, I’m going to be representing optimizing I/O for performance and battery life. In this talk, we’re going to take a look at what an I/O is, how it affects your app
Planning a Great Apple Watch Experience WWDC 2017 Session 808
[ Applause ] Good afternoon. I’m Doug LeMoine. And I’m a design evangelist here at Apple. I’ll be joined in a bit by Jake Behrens. He and I have teamed up to work with Apple Watch developers around the world over the past year. Helping them make their Apple
Your Apps and the Future of macOS Security WWDC 2018 Session 702
[ Music ] All right. [ Applause ] My name is Pierre-Olivier Martel. I’m an engineering manager in the Security, Engineering, and Occupational Group here at Apple. And today, along with two of my colleagues, I am here to talk to you about some of the new security features in macOS Mojave
What’s New in Metal, Part 2 WWDC 2015 Session 607
[ Applause ] DAN OMACHI: Good morning, welcome to the second part of our What’s New in Metal presentation. My name is Dan Omachi. I’m an engineer in Apple’s GPU software frameworks team. Today my colleague Anna Tikhonova and I will talk about technologies that build upon Metal, helping
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2017 Session 102
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Vice President of Platform Technologies, Andreas Wendker. [ Applause ] Good afternoon. Welcome to WWDC. As you heard this morning in the keynote, this is a year with a strong focus on technology fundamentals and refinements across all Apple product lines. We’re introducing numerous APIs that
AVAudioEngine in Practice WWDC 2014 Session 502
Good morning, everyone. My name is Kapil Krishnamurthy and I work in Core Audio. I’m here today to talk to you about a new API called AVAudioEngine that we are introducing for Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. As part of today’s talk we’ll first look
Sensing Device Motion in iOS 4 WWDC 2010 Session 423
Chris Moore: Good morning. My name is Chris. So Motion has been a huge topic in iPhone OS since day one. We love it. You guys love it and most importantly customers love it. Now, as Steve hinted out on Monday, we have some great new Motion sensing capabilities that
Building Efficient OS X Apps WWDC 2013 Session 704
[ Silence ] Good afternoon. My name is Anthony Chivetta. And I’m an engineer in the OS X performance team. And I’d like to talk to you about building efficient OS X apps and cover some advanced topics in resource management. Now most of you are probably familiar with performance
What’s New in Swift WWDC 2015 Session 106
CHRIS LATTNER: Welcome to What’s New in Swift. [ Applause ] I’m Chris Lattner. I’ll start off this talk and my colleague John McCall will take you through the second half to take you through what’s new. Before we get going, I thought it would be interesting or
Getting the Most Out of Web Inspector WWDC 2013 Session 603
[ Silence ] Well, hello again. For those who have been here in the previous session, this is the second session of our two-part Web Inspectors extravaganza today. My name is Antoine, I’m an engineer on the Safari and WebKit teams and I work specifically on Web Inspector. And so
Advanced Media for the Web WWDC 2014 Session 504
[ Pause ] Hello, and welcome to Advanced Media for the Web. My name is Jer Noble and I’m an engineer on the Safari Layout and Rendering Team. And today we’re going to talk about what’s new with audio and video in Safari and how media integrates with today
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2019 Session 103
[ Music ] Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome Vice President of Software Sebastien Marineau-Mes. [ Applause ] Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to WWDC. Did we love the morning keynote? [ Applause ] There you go. [ Applause ] Now this year is one of our biggest for developers and we’re really excited to
Ingredients of Great Games WWDC 2014 Session 602
Welcome. [ Applause ] So welcome to “Ingredients of Great Games”. What we’re going to talk about today is some things that you can do in your game to make it really, really great. Because having a fun game is simply not enough. There are things that great games do. What
What’s New in Xcode 6 WWDC 2014 Session 401
Good morning. Welcome to WWDC and this is “What’s New in Xcode.” You guys saw a lot of new stuff yesterday. Today, we thought we would take a deep dive into a few specific areas of Xcode 6. Before we do, though, let’s take a look at what
Understanding Foundation WWDC 2010 Session 124
My name is Tony Parker, and I’m an engineer on the Cocoa Team at Apple, and this is Understanding Foundation. So first, let’s go over what we’re going to talk about today. We’ll start by going over what the Foundation framework is, then we’ll see
Introducing Apple File System WWDC 2016 Session 701
[ Music ] All right. Welcome. My name is Eric Tamura. I’m accompanied by Dominic Giampaolo and we’re going to tell you a little bit about Apple file systems. [ Applause ] All right so this is going to be a little bit of our roadmap for our presentation today. I’ll
iOS Configuration and APIs for Kiosk and Assessment Apps WWDC 2017 Session 716
Good afternoon everybody. Hello to everybody who’s still here. I’m Steve Hayman. I’m a consulting engineer from Toronto, Canada. Any Canadians here? Good. How’s it going, eh? I’d like to say hello to those of you who are still here late on Friday afternoon. And
Making Apps with Core Data WWDC 2019 Session 230
[ Music ] Hello, everyone. [ Applause ] Welcome to making apps with Core Data. I’m Scott Perry. I work on the Core Data team. And today, we’re going to have an accelerated refresher with a focus on best practices. We’ll talk about how to get up and running with Core
Advances in iOS Photography WWDC 2016 Session 501
[ Music ] Good morning. Morning everyone and welcome to session 501. I’m Brad Ford. I work on the Core Media and AV Foundation Capture Teams at Apple. And this session is all about the iOS camera. Hopefully you’ve figured that out by now. This is the most popular camera
Future Proofing your Application WWDC 2010 Session 130
Hi everyone. I’m Henry Mason. I’m an Application Engineer on the Application and Frameworks iOS Group at Apple. And today we’re going talk about future proofing your applications, which is a pretty simple concept really. We want applications written today to run on devices that run iOS
Building Custom Views with SwiftUI WWDC 2019 Session 237
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Hi everybody. It’s so great to be with you all again at WWDC. I’m Dave. If you’ve seen the other sessions on SwiftUI, you know how easy it is to assemble all the parts of an application and get it working. Today, John and I
Creating Content With iAd JS, Part 2 WWDC 2010 Session 511
Antoine Quint: I’m one of the software engineers working on iAd JS and we’re all part of the iOS Apps and Framework team and this is part 2 of our session on creating content with iAd JS and we’re going to focus only on the iAd JS
Introduction to Xcode WWDC 2016 Session 413
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Welcome to Introduction to Xcode. My name’s Najla and I’m a member of the Xcode team. Along with my colleague Rick Ballard, we’ll be taking you through the essential components of Xcode. So Xcode is a development platform for creating apps for iOS, watchOS, tvOS
A Strategy for Great Work WWDC 2014 Session 237
Hello. [ Applause ] Thank you very much for coming today, and if you’re watching later on video thanks so much for watching. I’m Ken Kocienda, and this session is called “A Strategy for Great Work.” So I think we all try to do great work. I certainly always try
What’s New in Foundation Networking WWDC 2014 Session 707
[ Silence ] Welcome to this afternoon’s, this year’s edition of “What’s New in Foundation Networking.” Foundation Networking is, of course, the layer of networking that’s available to application developers on Mac OS X and iOS. It’s our goal to provide you guys with the protocol and
iOS Memory Deep Dive WWDC 2018 Session 416
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Hi, everyone. My name’s Kyle. I’m a software engineer at Apple and today we’d like to take a deep dive into iOS memory. Now, just as a quick note, even though this is focused on iOS, a lot of what we’re covering will apply
Keynote WWDC 2015 Session 101
Why did I want to direct a WWDC opening number? Good question. You know, I think I’ve always been attracted to risk. You know? When I shared my vision for the number, I you know, they said this is just a developers conference. You know? You don’t need
Simplifying Networking Using Bonjour WWDC 2010 Session 205
Stuart Cheshire: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It’s good to see you all here today. My name is Stuart Cheshire and I’m the architect of Bonjour. I’m going to be telling you today about Bonjour and related technologies and particularly about how it interacts with multitasking on
Best Practices for Building SpriteKit Games WWDC 2014 Session 608
[ Applause ] Hello everyone. My name is Jacques. I have the pleasure of managing this game technologist team. I’m here today to start you off for the best practices for building SpriteKit games. So, we’re going to start this off with talking a little about the history of SpriteKit
The Keys to a Better Text Input Experience WWDC 2017 Session 242
[ Cheering ] [ Applause ] Okay, thank you. Thank you. Good morning, everybody. My name is Kasia. I’m here with my colleagues, Shuchen and James. And we are here to hand you the keys to a better text input experience in your app. So, let’s see what we’re going to
OpenGL ES Overview for iPhone OS WWDC 2010 Session 415
My name is Gokhan Avkarogullari. I’m with the iPhone GP software group at Apple. And my colleague Richard Schreyer and I will be talking about OpenGL ES and the iPhone implementation of OpenGL, what’s new on it and all the new things we added on iOS 4. So
Building, Archiving, and Submitting Your App WWDC 2012 Session 414
Rob: Good afternoon. Welcome to Session number 414, Building, Archiving, and Submitting Your App. You’ve probably spent most of this week learning how to take advantage of the great new features in iOS 6 and Mountain Lion while developing your application. We thought that this afternoon we would do
Power and Performance: Optimizing Your Website for Great Battery Life and Responsive Scrolling WWDC 2013 Session 607
[ Silence ] Simon Fraser: Good morning. This session is about Power and Performance, Optimizing your Websites for Great Battery Life and Responsive Scrolling. I’m Simon Fraser and I’m Engineer on the Safari and WebKit Team. So as you’ve heard about all week, one of our primary goals with
Bringing Your iOS Apps to OS X WWDC 2013 Session 216
[ Silence ] Good morning. [applause] Before we get started, I’d like to do a small, informal survey. How many of you are new Apple developers? Please clap your hands. [applause] Excellent. Welcome. And how many of you have made an app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Please clap your
Building a Server-driven User Experience WWDC 2010 Session 117
Gregor Purdy: My name is Gregor and we’re going to talk about Building a Server-Driven User Experience today. And I’m going to start out with kind of a scenario, maybe not all of you will be in this scenario but hopefully, a lot of you are, where
Launch-on-Demand WWDC 2010 Session 210
Damien Sorresso: Good afternoon. Welcome to Launch-on-Demand here at WWDC 2010. I’m Damien Sorresso, I am responsible for launchd and the associated technologies here at Apple. So let’s talk a little bit about what Launch-on-Demand is. Launch-on-Demand is Mac OS X’s
Maximizing Battery Life on OS X WWDC 2013 Session 701
[ Silence ] Well, good morning and welcome. [ Applause ] I’m Bud Tribble, Vice President of Software Technology at Apple and I’m going to talk about maximizing battery life in OS X. Now, you know, battery life is just a key feature for customers. I know its key for me, I
Advances in HTTP Live Streaming WWDC 2017 Session 504
Hey there! Hi, everyone. Good afternoon and welcome to this year’s edition of what the heck have those HLS folks been up to lately. It wouldn’t fit on the slide though so you kind of get what you get. My name is Roger Pantos. I’m going to
API Design for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch WWDC 2010 Session 138
Ali Ozer: Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to API Design for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. My name is Ali Ozer. I’m the Manager of the Cocoa Frameworks team at Apple. OK. So first, there’s lot of you here, let’s just make sure we’re on the same page
Writing Energy Efficient Code, Part 1 WWDC 2014 Session 710
Good morning. Welcome to Writing Energy Efficient Code, Part 1. I’m Anthony Chivetta from the OS X Power & Performance team. And hopefully, everyone is feeling awake and recharged this morning now that you’ve had your first cup of coffee, your iDevices and Macs have a full charge from
What’s New in Swift WWDC 2018 Session 401
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Good morning and welcome to What’s New in Swift. This has been an exciting year for Swift and the Swift Community. And over the next 40 minutes Slava and I are thrilled to give you an update on the major developments there. The session is roughly broken
I/O Kit Device Drivers for Mac OS X WWDC 2010 Session 203
Thane: So I’m Thane Norton. I’m with the I/O Kit Team. And I want to talk to you a little bit about designing and debugging device drivers on OS X. What I’m going to talk about today is how you can drive hardware from user space or
Optimize your iPhone App for the Retina Display WWDC 2010 Session 134
[ Applause ] Andrew Platzer: Good afternoon. Welcome to Optimizing Your iPhone App for the new Retina Display. My name is Andrew Platzer, I work on iOS application frameworks, and I’ll be talking about the changes you need make to your application on the UIKit side in order to support the
What’s New in SpriteKit WWDC 2014 Session 606
Hello. My name is Norman. I’d like to give you a quick tour on some of the details in what’s new in SpriteKit. So last year we had announced SpriteKit at a conference, a high performance 2D game engine with built-in physics support. We also built tools
What’s New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2010 Session 101
Welcome to Session 101, What’s New in Cocoa Touch. Good morning. My name is Chris Parker. I work on the UIKit Framework, and today I’ll be talking about everything that we’ve been working on for the last year. So, in 2009, we introduced iPhone OS 3 and
A Practical Guide to the App Sandbox WWDC 2013 Session 710
[ Silence ] Speaker 1: Hi. How’s it going? Welcome to the most magical session at WWDC. I think of this session as the centerpiece of the conference and then we announce some other stuff too. But, we’re going to be talking about App Sandbox today. And, before we really
Metal for OpenGL Developers WWDC 2018 Session 604
[ Music ] [ Applause ] Thank you. My name is Dan Omachi, I’m an engineer in Apple’s Metal Ecosystem Team. Now my main role on that team is to help developers learn Metal and have a great experience using it. But prior to this I worked on Apple’s OpenGL and
Modernizing Grand Central Dispatch Usage WWDC 2017 Session 706
[ Applause ] Good morning. And welcome to the modernizing Grand Central Dispatch Usage Session. I’m Daniel Chimene from the Core Darwin Team and my colleagues and I are here today to show you how you can take advantage of Grand Central Dispatch to get the best performance in your application
Introducing ARKit: Augmented Reality for iOS WWDC 2017 Session 602
Good afternoon. [ Applause ] Welcome to our session introducing ARKit. My name is Mike. I’m an engineer from ARKit team. And today I’m thrilled to talk to you about the concepts as well as the code that go into creating your very own augmented reality experience on iOS. [ Cheering
Maximizing OpenCL Performance WWDC 2010 Session 418
Hello, everyone. Welcome to the session on maximizing OpenCL performance. In the previous session, we talked about an overview of OpenCL, how to use it, and sharing between CL and GL. In this session, we’re going to talk about tuning of your kernels to get the best possible performance
Building Apps with ResearchKit WWDC 2015 Session 213
[Applause] JOHN EARL: Hello. My name is John Earl, and I’m an engineer on the ResearchKit team. Today I will be talking about ResearchKit and about building and contributing to research apps. So our agenda today has four parts. First, we will cover what ResearchKit is. Then, I will
Creating 3D Interactive Content with WebGL WWDC 2014 Session 509
Hi, everyone. I’m Dean. In a few minutes, my colleague Brady will go come up on stage. We’re both engineers on Apple’s WebKit team. How often have you heard a presentation start with “Today, I’m really excited to talk to you about blah, blah, blah?” And