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Adopting Handoff on iOS and OS X WWDC 2014 Session 219
Handoff and also look at using these continuation streams between different apps. And with that, I’d like to hand it off to Vince Spader to talk to you about adopting Handoff in your app. Thank you [applause]. Thank you Jerry. So adopting Handoff in your app, there are three
Adding Delight to your iOS App WWDC 2018 Session 233
handoff, we also support app-to-web browser handoff. If you have a great web experience to go alongside your native app experience, and the continuing device doesn’t have your native app installed, you can handoff to Safari, and continue the activity right in the web browser. Handoff also
Increase Usage of Your App With Proactive Suggestions WWDC 2016 Session 240
Handoff, available temporarily throughout the system for location suggestions. Or added to the on device index or added to the Spotlight on device index, so that it appears in Spotlight Search results. Now there are a few related sessions on this topic, specifically on adoption of NSUserActivities for Handoff and
Introducing Search APIs WWDC 2015 Session 709
Handoff, by default Handoff is enabled, if you choose not to enable Handoff for your users, you can easily set this to false. There is one for search which allows on-device indexing of the activity. There is one for Public Indexing which we’ll talk about in a minute
Crafting Modern Cocoa Apps WWDC 2016 Session 239
Handoff or the NSUserActivity API before, maybe you don’t have a companion iOS app or you just haven’t really thought that Handoff is especially compelling for your application and your specific needs. But activities are not just for Handoff. New in Sierra we have Siri on the Mac
Creating Modern Cocoa Apps WWDC 2014 Session 227
Handoff uniquely identifies this document type in coordination with your application. So if a user has a document in iCloud and you’ve entered this key in the InfoPlist and your document-based Handoff support is already enabled for you. Now, again, like NSDocument, itself, Handoff provides a lower level
What’s New in Cocoa WWDC 2014 Session 204
handoff. Again, a feature you saw yesterday at the keynote. Handoff enables users to seamlessly transition activities between their devices. And there is a simple base API here called NSUserActivity and their related APIs in NSApplication, NSDocument, NSResponder, and also in their UIKit counterparts as well because, as you know
What’s New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2014 Session 202
handoff has a built-in support for activities in AppKit and UIKit, both natively support activities in their document classes, and you’ll be able to use that out of the box. To learn more about handoff, check out the Adopting Handoff in iOS talk tomorrow in the Mission. So
Planning a Great Apple Watch Experience WWDC 2017 Session 808
Handoff. We currently support Handoff, but as the current app is a list of favorites, when you use Handoff, you arrive in an iOS app at the list of favorites. And that’s pretty good, but I think that we can now take that a step further by focusing on
Seamless Linking to Your App WWDC 2015 Session 509
Handoff from the Web or Shared Web Credentials last year, this should look familiar. The top level key here is applinks, which is sibling to web credentials or activity continuation if you already have either of them. The apps key is important and should be present with an empty array
Your App, Your Website, and Safari WWDC 2014 Session 506
Handoff. That’s exactly what Craig used to move from sending an email on one device to typing it up on the other. We’ve got a full session on Handoff this year. It’s tomorrow at 2 p.m. So if you’re here, you’re going to be interested
Introduction to Siri Shortcuts WWDC 2018 Session 211
Handoff. And the second is intents. Intents are a way of representing, in detail, a type of action that your app can perform, and Siri includes a bunch of great built-in intents that support a range of capabilities that apps can use to integrate with Siri. And, this year
WatchKit Tips and Tricks WWDC 2015 Session 228
Handoff. Handoff is an awesome way to allow your user to continue an activity from Apple Watch to iPhone. So an example of this would be, say you go to the WWDC app on Apple Watch. Then you will notice on the lock screen of the iPhone at specific areas
Making the Most of Search APIs WWDC 2016 Session 223
Handoff in iOS 8. It lets you create a representation of your application’s current state that can be passed to another device, and since iOS 9 stored in the Spotlight index for app history. You submit the activities as the user is browsing in your app for content that
Introducing Multiple Windows on iPad WWDC 2019 Session 212
Handoff. And we represent stateRestoration as an NSUserActivity now. You can put whatever information you wanted. And at various points in the lifecycle, you like, it will request that user activity from the SceneDelegate. And then, when you’re seeing restores, will pass it right back in as the connection
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2015 Session 102
Handoff does, and that’s it. It’s that easy. Now I’d like to talk about some of the new things in iOS 9, starting with HomeKit. So this morning we announced a number of great new features for the HomeKit platform, and of course, we’ve been continuing
Apple Design Awards WWDC 2016 Session 103
Handoff. It’s available in 7 languages. We love this app. We use this app at Apple. We’re so happy and so proud that you guys have created this and won an ADA. So, congratulations. Back to you, John. [ Applause ] So, as Michael said thank you, Michael. As Michael
Apple Pay Within Apps WWDC 2015 Session 702
Handoff. You can handoff directly to your app on the phone and display an Apple Pay sheet as soon as the user launches the app from the lock screen. I have some sample code that shows you how to do that. In the app I just demoed I have a
Modernizing Grand Central Dispatch Usage WWDC 2017 Session 706
handoff to the owning thread. Pierre is going to discuss this later in our talk, when talking about dispatch sync. We often get the question, which primitives have this power and which ones don’t. Let’s take a look at which low-level primitives do this today. So, primitives
Keynote WWDC 2014 Session 101
Handoff. So, it turns out now that when you’re working on your Mac, your devices around you in proximity are aware of each other and aware of what you’re up to. And so, if you want to pick up where you left off on your Mac and your
Privacy and Your App WWDC 2015 Session 703
Handoff. In iOS 9, we extended it so you can use NSUserActivity to create views of your app this can be indexed and then searched for by user to return to. For example, in your Recipe app, when a user looks at a poutine recipe, you can create a NSUserActivity
What’s New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2018 Session 202
Handoff and Spotlight integration, and there’s also support for Siri Intents for more complex scenarios where you have more custom interactions. So let’s look first at NS User Activity. Now as I mentioned, NS User Activity is a common API with Handoff and Spotlight and this could be
Architecting for Performance on watchOS 3 WWDC 2016 Session 227
Handoff, so with Handoff, you’re able to setup a context activity and then hand that off to your iPhone. So we feel that the watch is the place for glanceable data, and that the iPhone is the place for, you know like a view that’s data rich or
Fixing Memory Issues WWDC 2013 Session 410
handoff is not always graceful. If you run into problems you can stop the application and simply start re-recording in Instruments. Obviously this will be corrected. So we’ve got our application up and running under Instruments. We’re getting recordings here of what’s going on in terms
Security and Your Apps WWDC 2015 Session 706
Handoff, as well as in iOS 9 app links. One change we have made in iOS 9 to make adoption even easier is you no longer need separately sign that file. It’s going to be protected with a secure TLS connection. I mentioned that Safari saved passwords uses iCloud
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2014 Session 102
Handoff lets you start a task on one device and pick it up seamlessly on another Mac, phone or, or iPad. You create an NSUserActivity to encapsulate an activity in your app such as opening a web page, and then as the context changes, you update that activity. And note
Apple Design Awards WWDC 2018 Session 103
Handoff and iCloud Sync, even Face ID, Touch ID protection for the bookmarks, Drag and Drop. Whole bunch of great things. Go ahead and check it out in the App Store. But before we go, a quick note about the inspirational story of the developer behind it. Gentleman from a
What’s New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2013 Session 203
handoff that collection view itself that we’re talking about in the previous talk. So, collection view layout, very powerful, very easy now be able to ship between two different layouts. View controllers, of course, are the unit of composition for UIKit. We’ve made a lot of changes to
What’s New in tvOS 12 WWDC 2018 Session 208
Handoff. It creates a secure relationship between the domain the user’s accessing and the app that they have downloaded. Password AutoFill then uses this relationship to suggest the exact right credential, right on top of the QuickType bar. To learn how to adopt Associated Domains, I highly recommend checking
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2018 Session 102
Handoff. And if you have and it’s as simple as adding this one line of code making them eligible to prediction for the system. [ Applause ] Yeah, one line of code. But if you want the full, rich experience of shortcuts, then you want to adopt the new Siri kit
Keynote WWDC 2019 Session 101
Handoff to HomePod. (Applause) Now, when you walk through the door, just bring your iPhone close to your HomePod to instantly hand off your music, a Podcast or even a phone call. And you can just take it with you when you leave the exact same way. (Applause) Today, we
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2016 Session 102
Handoff lets you carry on a task from one device to another. Spotlight can link directly to your application content. A Universal Link will take you to the most appropriate place for a platform, and you can link directly from one application to another. Siri will suggest apps here in
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2019 Session 103
handoff, search, indexing, Siri, and now for window scene state restoration. One of the things that really sets you can clap, it’s fine. [ Applause ] One of the things that really sets iPads apart is Apple Pencil. We’re introducing PencilKit which allows you to easily add smooth low-latency
What’s New in Cocoa Touch WWDC 2016 Session 205
Handoff and Spotlight. What we are doing now, in iOS 10, is we are adding support for locations in user activity. So if I’m in an application that deals with addresses, I can express that, the current activity for the user, is about this address. So you just pass
Automatic Strong Passwords and Security Code AutoFill WWDC 2018 Session 204
Handoff. The process of adding this association is pretty simple. You’ll have a small change to your apps Entitlements file and you’ll serve a file from your domain on the Web. If you’d like to see an in-depth look at how to set this up, see
Apple Pay on the Web WWDC 2016 Session 703
Handoff-enabled Mac that can run Mac OS Sierra. So that’s pretty much every Mac sold for the past four years. It’s fully supported in Safari. And you authorize the payment on your iPhone or on your Apple Watch. Now because Apple Pay on Mac OS is so
Managing Apple Devices WWDC 2014 Session 702
Handoff, but that also may worry certain institutions about data that they consider sensitive transitioning from a managed device to another device outside of their control. We also already saw the restrictions on enterprise books. And there are 2 new supervised restrictions that you can prevent the user from erasing
Architecting Your App for Multiple Windows WWDC 2019 Session 258
handoff, you can use these same activities to encode the state of your app. It’s also worth noting that in iOS 13, the state restoration archive that you give back to the system will match the same data protection class of the rest of your application. What does this