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Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It WWDC 2014 Session 223
prototype an app. We’re going to go through the steps we would go through to try something out. And we’re going to show a variety of different prototyping methods. All of this is going to be with a focus on prototyping an experience, not trying out an API
Designing for Future Hardware WWDC 2015 Session 801
prototypers. We work across all of Apple’s products and explore what new interfaces mean to our devices, operating systems and applications. We brought you exciting features such as Multitouch gestures, Force Touch and a Taptic Engine. This time last year we did Prototyping at WWDC 2014. Was anyone there
60 Second Prototyping WWDC 2017 Session 818
prototypes to get new ideas. The act of making prototypes and showing them to people will bring new insights that will help make your product even better. Designers love diagrams, so here is a diagram of what the prototyping process might look like. We make prototypes, we show them to
Designing with Animation WWDC 2015 Session 803
prototyping process, there was a session at last year’s WWDC specifically on prototyping. And yesterday, there was a session Designing for Future Hardware, that applies this prototyping process to apps connected to devices. Both of these should be available in videos online. You should certainly also check out all
What’s New in CareKit and ResearchKit WWDC 2017 Session 232
Prototype app, as well. And that is the demo for this tool. [ Applause ] So, you guys saw how easy it is to create a prototype CareKit app that is tailor made for your custom need. Now, I would like to go over a quick overview of the CareKit Prototyping Tool
Core Image: Performance, Prototyping, and Python WWDC 2018 Session 719
prototype using Core Image. We’ll also see how we can leverage Core Image in your machine learning applications. So let’s get started. Since I want to talk about prototyping, let’s take a look at the lifecycle of an image processing filter. So, let’s say that we
Advances in TVMLKit WWDC 2017 Session 202
prototype and data binding which is going to significantly reduce the size of your DOM, hence improving your app’s performance, and on top of that, we’ve added APIs to support pagination. Let’s look at these in more detail. In order to understand what a prototype is, I
Cocoa Tips and Tricks WWDC 2010 Session 107
prototype, which had a connection to your prototype view. And, in turn, that prototype view would be bound back to the item prototype and the represented object that it contains. So this is Leopard. To go to this new Snow Leopard style, you will create a separate View nib. And
Prototyping for AR WWDC 2018 Session 808
prototype this beautiful, revolutionary app? Well, you may think we used a programming language like Swift or a framework like ARKit or maybe even a sophisticated application such as Unity. These are all valid ways to prototype, but they’re not the only solution. Sometimes you can use low-tech
Profiling in Depth WWDC 2015 Session 412
prototypes. We didn’t do the prototyping in Instruments itself, we broke it out in a separate application to keep it simple. This is what one of the last prototypes looked like. Now while we were prototyping, a thing we did, we set a performance budget. As we layered on
SceneKit in Swift Playgrounds WWDC 2017 Session 605
prototyping. So in summary, really, you want to work on testing your interaction model when you’re prototyping. It’s not about the assets. You want to interpret the feedback you receive, but don’t look for incremental changes. Look to make sure the idea is valid. And then finally
Teaching with Swift Playgrounds WWDC 2017 Session 416
prototyping phase, to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So, no, it is not coding time yet. So, we’ve talked through goal and audience, and it’s time to talk about passion. Passion is so important. This should be threaded throughout all your other playground prototyping and
What’s New in NSCollectionView WWDC 2015 Session 225
prototype, which consists of basically, a view subtree of your own design, and an associated ViewController that manages it. CollectionViewclones that item prototype, to populate itself with items that represent your model objects. CollectionView supports selection, drag and drop, animated re-layout, all around, it is a very handy class
Think Audacious WWDC 2015 Session 112
prototype. And it was the ugliest thing you have ever seen, but it worked and I was excited. And so I finally decided I’m going to take this prototype to the New York Toy Fair and I’m going to see what the industry has to say. So I
Talking In Pictures: Reconstructing the Building Blocks of Language WWDC 2016 Session 106
prototypes we were creating. But what would actually happen is that the kids would use the prototype for maybe a minute, two minutes, and then they would walk away. And we had no idea you know, were they tired? Were they bored? You know, did they not like it? Did
Communication Between Designers and Engineers WWDC 2017 Session 809
prototype can be extremely valuable in communicating the intent or better yet, sparking a conversation on constraints, possible solutions, and next steps. Here’s an example of an animation spec for transitioning into a full screen sketch on the Notes app, the designer could be delivering to an engineer. Showing
Advanced Debugging with LLDB WWDC 2013 Session 413
Prototypes and customizations, why do we need prototypes and customization? Well, I hope that by the time WWDC is over and you’re all back to your offices, you’re actually going to take my word for it and you’re going to start running your LLDB summaries and your
What’s New in TVMLKit WWDC 2018 Session 238
prototype that we want that we’ve shown as an example. We will start by defining the prototype as the lowest common denominator of what our user interface should look like. And in this case, we have an image and a title. However, you would notice that we also have
App Distribution – From Ad-hoc to Enterprise WWDC 2019 Session 304
prototype. To build your prototype, you’ve downloaded Xcode, started exploring the SDK, and you’ve logged in using your Apple ID. I’m sure most of you know how to get started because you’ve probably already published apps to the store, but we’re going to review this
What’s New in LLVM WWDC 2014 Session 417
prototype. This has been good style since time immemorial and it’s been required for C++ since the start. It’s been highly suggested in C, for any modern version not using a prototype is deprecated and has been for a very long time now. So, we’ve taken advantage
What’s New in Web Development in WebKit and Safari WWDC 2015 Session 501
prototype based syntax has seemed, has been somewhat less accessible for people coming to JavaScript from languages like Swift or C++ or other class-based syntax languages. So here I have a simple example of a polygon class written in the standard prototype syntax. But in ES6, a new syntax
Building Apps with RealityKit WWDC 2019 Session 605
prototype that will place our content in AR and allow for some simple interaction. Next we’ll add some polish with some fancy art assets, improve performance and AR rendering tricks. Then we’ll leverage the entity component system to track custom state information. And finally we’ll show you
Introducing ARKit 3 WWDC 2019 Session 604
prototype or to test your experience go to a certain location. And most of the time when you go there, you’d come back to your desk, you develop your experience, you want to come back again. Well, this year with the Reality Composer app, you can now record an
Using Safari to Deliver and Debug a Responsive Web Design WWDC 2015 Session 505
prototype chain so I can then open up the prototype for developer person and for person, and I might see something like this. I love this very much. This gives me the ability to essentially get an API view of my object in the classes that constructed this object. Look
Designing Sound WWDC 2017 Session 803
prototyping team did a session. It was called “Fake It Till You Make It.” It was about creating fake apps in order to learn from how people would interact with them. They create an app called Toast Modern. Now, maybe some of you know that toast has become very popular
Designing Award Winning Apps and Games WWDC 2019 Session 802
prototyping. Now here’s an example of a prototype that was designed to check the interaction fundamentals first. They used pure text buttons so they wouldn’t get distracted by high-fidelity designs. That way they could focus on the detail of perfecting each interaction of the tool editor. Only
The Qualities of Great Design WWDC 2018 Session 801
prototyping that helped him answer that question from his boss. Why should we put energy into your idea? So what Doug learned at his first design job was that he could not assume that his designs were going to work. And this actually also came up in my conversation with
Best Practices for Building SpriteKit Games WWDC 2014 Session 608
prototyping, it’s often very convenient to reference shaders from strings, so go ahead and do that during prototyping. But SpriteKit doesn’t really have any way of knowing that genuinely these two shaders are the same even though the source code might be the same. If you reference it
What’s New in Managing Apple Devices WWDC 2019 Session 303
prototype. I’ve got to pick up the kids. [ Music ] I just want to get you all together. We need to find a name for the box. Roundabout. A Quircle? Circle Box? Who’s that? Hey, Siri, turn on Do Not Disturb. [ Music ] [ Knocking ] Brian? [ Phone Chimes ] [ Water Running ] [ Knocking
What’s New in LLVM WWDC 2017 Session 411
prototype declaration. This behavior dates from the early days of C where parameters were only listed at function definitions, but this declaration is not type safe. This is never really what you want. Calls that don’t match the definition can crash at runtime. In Xcode 9, the compiler has
Audio Development for iPhone OS, Part 2 WWDC 2010 Session 413
prototype apps that I designed to illustrate some important design principles and coding patterns that you can use in your own applications. So, let’s begin at the beginning and define audio units. An audio unit is an audio processing plug-in. It’s the one type of audio plug
Creating Content With iAd JS, Part 2 WWDC 2010 Session 511
prototype. This is a convention. If you provide getFoo, that means you have a custom getter and so what we do is we automatically bind any getting of foo. So for example you have an instance of MyClass and you said .foo on it, this actually calls getFoo in the
Interface Builder Core Concepts WWDC 2013 Session 405
prototypes, it’s actually loading the nib to load that table view prototype in for me. But what if you wanted to share table view cells across multiple nibs? Well, you could do that. You can have a simple nib and every time you wanted to load those, you could
Building Advanced iBooks HTML 5 Widgets and iAd Rich Media Ads WWDC 2013 Session 611
prototype cell, one cell that’s going to represent sort of the cookie cutter that I’m going to use for each one of the calls that I make to the network or for each one of the records that I get back from the network. And so maybe I
Designing Intuitive User Experiences WWDC 2014 Session 211
prototype, to implement, polish and test. If your app does less, you’re going to have less need for complicated navigation controls that are difficult to use. If your app does less, you can spend more time crafting just the right wording, or picking just the right icons, and making
A Strategy for Great Work WWDC 2014 Session 237
prototypes. If you’re starting on a new idea don’t test results, that’s all well and good, but you should also at the same time make something that you can actually begin to use like you want to use the real thing that you’re going to be
Advanced Swift Debugging in LLDB WWDC 2014 Session 410
prototyping things, so I have a bunch of critters here. I have a cat and a dog. I don’t have a dog collar yet because it’s a prototype but I’ll get there. I have a function that takes one of my creatures and asks it, “Could you
Localizing with Xcode 6 WWDC 2014 Session 412
Prototype Cells and this background that says Table View Prototype Content, those are actually part of Interface Builder’s user interface, and not your own text. Now if I wanted to localize this graphic because it uses color and color is another language and region dependent piece of information that
What’s New in Core Audio WWDC 2015 Session 507
prototype. You set the player’s delegate to self. What this will do for you is it will allow the delegate method to be called on your behalf when your audio prompt is finished playing. Set your audio session to active, and then play on, player. Now, here we go
Taking Control of Auto Layout in Xcode 5 WWDC 2013 Session 406
prototype cell. That prototype cell is going to get reused at runtime for every saved game that the player can load. And the cell has a couple of labels here, and those represent the name, the name of my character and the date that I last played with that character
Designing Fluid Interfaces WWDC 2018 Session 803
prototyping it, just to build it. You know, play with it yourself. See how you fiddle with it. Hand it to others see how they play with it. And, think about how you can reinforce that with something like an animation, or behavior, an explanation. And, it’s surprising how
Expanding the Sensory Experience with Core Haptics WWDC 2019 Session 223
Prototype. We’ve seen that you may just come across something amazing by trying something new. We’re looking forward to seeing, hearing, and feeling what you will come up with in your own apps. See this URL for more information. Thank you very much. [ Applause ] All right. Thank you
Bringing OpenGL Apps to Metal WWDC 2019 Session 611
prototypes. In GLSL, void main. There’s nothing in the shader that specifies the shader stage. It’s purely determined by the shader type passed into the glCreateShader call. In MSL the shader stage is explicitly specified in the shader code. Here the vertex qualifier indicates that it will be
I Have This Idea For An App… WWDC 2018 Session 203
prototypes. I’ll change this to static cells. Static cells are great for displaying static data. And these can be easily set up in the storyboard. Now let’s select a single cell and change its style from the Attributes Inspector to subtitle. This gives me a title and a
Intentional Design WWDC 2018 Session 802
prototyped shuffling and flipping cards to try to kind of replicate the origin of this prison workout. But they quickly moved past the literal approach. They didn’t stick to the literal deck of cards because it carried too many constraints. Four suits would limit the number of movements that
Advances in iOS Photography WWDC 2016 Session 501
prototyping, we converged on what this new media experience is. A moment or a memory. Well, first of all and foremost it is a still photo. It’s still as good quality as before. It’s a 12-megapixel JPEG full resolution still image, and it has the same quality
Adopting Metal, Part 1 WWDC 2016 Session 602
prototype is triangle because we want to draw a triangle. We pass an index count of three to signify that we want to draw a single triangle, and then we also specify the type of indices. We made our Swift array a collection of UN 16s earlier, so we mirror
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2017 Session 102
prototype new transformations. So our new Source Editor great look and feel, awesome performance, and now with refactoring. A great start to Xcode 9. And we also have some big news in Swift, and for that, I’d like to bring up Ted Kremenek to tell you more. [ Applause ] With
Creating Extensions for iOS and OS X, Part 1 WWDC 2014 Session 205
prototype is. And when I get the-scroll up for me, let’s see if I can make this a little wider, not wrap so much It’s important to note that loadItemForTypeIdentifier completes on an arbitrary cue and since we’re going to do view controller work I’m
Getting the Most Out of Web Inspector WWDC 2013 Session 603
Prototype, Set Info. And this [inaudible] is really great because we can see we can compare to a data that we’re getting and a data that we’re expecting. So seeing the top, we’re sending the image here and we’re sending the text from the data, and
Integrating with Game Controllers WWDC 2013 Session 501
prototype Logitech controllers already out there for you for you game developers to start working with. So, you can’t say that we’re slowing you down on this. You know, get started they’re right there. And quite frankly we can’t wait to see what all of you
Quick Interaction Techniques for watchOS WWDC 2016 Session 211
prototypical types of interactions on Apple Watch, and there are some key philosophies behind these that you’ve probably heard this week. So, first off, apps on Apple Watch they need to be glanceable. Which means that, with just a glance, your users should be able to get the information
What’s New in Core Location WWDC 2013 Session 307
prototype for this experience was resolved around welcoming my customers to my shop. Being a location engineer I already know that we have region monitoring in API. So, I took my first shop in Cupertino and I started monitoring for that region. Now anytime I showed up at my donut
HomeKit Deep Dive WWDC 2018 Session 231
prototype and have it up and running within just a week. But let’s look at how that impacts the overall timeline. So previously, our partners were spending about 6 months for development, and then they’d have to do integration, certification before they could ship their product. We were
What’s New in SpriteKit WWDC 2015 Session 604
prototype and test all of your SpriteKit games directly on the Mac before you even put it on a device. and with SpriteKit the framework is really only half the story. Since the beginning we spent a lot of effort on our tools and we have continued to invest in
Creating Info Graphics with Standard Web Technologies WWDC 2010 Session 509
prototype based and the other is JQuery based. So depending on what type of API you’re familiar with or comfortable with, you might want to choose one over the other. So that was Canvas. And it was showing you how to make nicer graphs. But I mean graphs are
Usable by Everybody: Design Principles for Accessibility on Mac OS X WWDC 2010 Session 100
prototypes for these methods so I can go ahead and bind them. And now, let’s look at the work that needs to be done in Xcode. So, I’ve already written all of the methods, as I said, for the actual dragging and dropping implementation and the key here
Getting the Most out of Playgrounds in Xcode WWDC 2018 Session 402
prototype parts of your app. Let’s get started with a quick tour of Playgrounds in Xcode. When you first open a playground, Xcode shows you the standard editor. This is the basic editor mode you use in Xcode with a couple additions. What is unique about this editor when
Advances in AirPrint WWDC 2013 Session 711
prototypes to Apple when we run a complete certification sweep. So this is a pretty good definitive source if you want to find out what’s there. So new printers for 2013 so we’re going to start with a couple of my favorites. Roll fed printers, there’s a
Testing Tips & Tricks WWDC 2018 Session 417
prototype of the app, we had a method in our view controller that was doing all of this in a single place, and it looked like this. The method takes a parameter with the user’s location and uses that to construct a URL for a service API endpoint with
Adding Touch and Gesture Detection to Web Pages on iPhone OS WWDC 2010 Session 508
prototype, we just create methods called touchstart and touchend. And those get called when we get our events. In order to do our highlighted state, I’m just going to set a classing, add a new class highlighted on the actual element. Then in CSS we can do whatever we
CSS Effects, Part 1: UI Elements and Navigation WWDC 2010 Session 503
prototype and to experiment with what types of effects you can have on your page. Now, I want to show you the last two effects. Those are really cool because they’re coming individually. But you’re probably tired of hearing me talk, so I’m going to invite Mike
Advanced Gesture Recognition WWDC 2010 Session 121
prototype. So same methods that you can implement, even though you’re not an UIResponder subclass. You’ve seen these before in your touch handling. The reason it’s not an UIResponder is because there’s no responder chain involved in gesture recognition. We’re simultaneously delivering touchesBegan, moved, ended
Graphics and Media State of the Union WWDC 2010 Session 400
prototype that runs on all of Apple’s embedded platforms at 40 to 60 frames per second using Apple frameworks and technologies. So let’s jump in and take a look. One of the things we did is integrate Game Center. But one of the things we also did was
The Life of a Button WWDC 2018 Session 804
prototype user interfaces for future hardware. Because of the nature of my work I can’t always use standard UIKit. I have built and rebuilt a lot of basic user interface elements like scrolling, zooming, paging, and of course buttons and I’ve learned a lot about the details involved
Game Design and Development for iPhone OS, Part 1 WWDC 2010 Session 401
prototype and get it going as fast as you can. So to move around, throw some buttons up for that. Say you want to have some abilities. More buttons. Why? Because buttons are easy to do. And it tends to be really complicated because there’s not a lot of
Low Energy, High Performance: Compression and Accelerate WWDC 2015 Session 712
prototype of matrix product. The naming convention of sparse function is, we start with sparse underscore followed by the operation we want to do, in this case is matrix multiply. Dense means B and C are dense, float is the data type. And you will return success or an error
Protecting Secrets with the Keychain WWDC 2013 Session 709
prototypical example is a user’s password to a website or some web service or something else; little secrets, little individual secrets that you use one at a time. Now, there is nothing in the APIs that keeps you from storing 150,000 secrets in a keychain, and there’s
Touch Bar Fundamentals WWDC 2017 Session 211
prototyping your Touch Bar UIs. So, that’s template items. Let’s go ahead and cover what we can do with the delegate. So, there’s a single delegate method in the NSTouchBarDelegate protocol. And that’s Touch Bar, makeItemForIdentifier. And it’s pretty simple. If we take a look
Core Image Effects and Optimization WWDC 2010 Session 426
prototype the effects you’re trying to generate. That being said this is a fairly simple sample, but there are two other things you really need to keep in mind when you start writing your own kernels and those are the Domain of Definition, or DOD, and Region of Interest
VR with Metal 2 WWDC 2017 Session 603
prototypes really didn’t click, for us, for making games or any other kind of content. Until we found this sweet combination of 90 hertz low persistence displays, accurate room scale tracking, with two track controllers. We consider this a magical threshold for VR. I like to think of it
Iterative UI Design WWDC 2016 Session 805
prototypes that you can load onto your phone. In our group, we like Keynote so much that we design all of our apps using Keynote. In fact, even Keynote was designed using Keynote. Think about that. [ Applause ] That shouldn’t even be possible. But it is because Keynote is awesome
iPad and iPhone User Interface Design WWDC 2010 Session 103
prototypes, some whiteboard sketches, which in turn would get turned into something that’s more real like this; clearly you don’t jump from that to something like this. But what’s interesting is you think about that exercise we just went through and the impact on this app. The
Platforms State of the Union WWDC 2019 Session 103
prototype hybrid ray tracing engine to see what we could do with Metal Compute on the powerful new Mac Pro. Now this toy city that we built looks simple, but we’re using Metal to process over 1 billion rays per second at 4K resolution. Let me walk you through
Introducing Multiple Windows on iPad WWDC 2019 Session 212
prototypical bugs that you might see. But there’s this common theme to both of them, and the theme is state, specifically, shared state. Now, I’m willing to bet that almost all of you have used one of these classes in an application before because they’re really common
What’s New in Foundation WWDC 2017 Session 212
prototyping lately. Because I’m such a big fan of Swift, I like to watch for interesting git commits as they come in on Swift’s GitHub repo. I’ve written a small app here that talks to GitHub’s JSON REST API to parse these commits and show me
Window Management in Your Multitasking App WWDC 2019 Session 246
prototyping. Okay. We call it Clown Town. And it’s a great new way to get a clown for your party. It opens to a full-screen map, showing all the clowns in my network. I can tap on any of their markers, to see more about them. The implementation
What’s New in LLDB WWDC 2015 Session 402
prototype for expressions, if you’ve ever tried to evaluate an expression involving printf, you may have seen some slightly suspect results. That’s because the debugger tries to make a lot of assumptions about your expression for any declaration that it doesn’t know, and it didn’t know
Building Modern Frameworks WWDC 2014 Session 416
prototype that I’ve been working on. It’s called Budstagram and it’s a way that you can take your pictures and put my dog into them [laughter]. So [ Applause ] What we’ll do is I’m going to take a quick tour through Xcode both on for what
What’s New in Swift WWDC 2019 Session 402
prototype support for the HTML DSL, just for fun, in a few hours, using this new Swift feature. As you can see here, this code looks like Swift, but your eyes are drawn to the HTML elements is defining. Here you can see the familiar Swift concepts like closures and
Swift Playgrounds 3 WWDC 2019 Session 405
prototype. Let’s get started. All right. Let’s begin with a blank page. Every page in a Swift Playgrounds document is its own execution entry point. It’s a main .SWF file. I love to use separate pages. It’s like a journal of my travels as I’m
JavaScript for Automation WWDC 2014 Session 306
prototype-based inheritance. It’s most well known in the browser being the scripting language of HTML5. But it’s also become quite popular as a server-side scripting language, evidenced by Node.js. JavaScript on OS X is powered by JavaScriptCore, the engine used by WebKit and Safari. JavaScript for
Designing a Great In-App Purchase Experience WWDC 2014 Session 218
prototyping session tomorrow morning that’s going to tell you all about how to quickly iterate and test out the value and it’s a great session to figure out how to quickly test things out that you might want to integrate into your app. And finally, on Friday, come
What’s New in HomeKit WWDC 2017 Session 705
prototype? And now, you want to develop a HomeKit accessory for commercial sale. You need to join the Apple MFi Program. You need to join the Apple MFi Program and go through self-certification before you can begin your manufacturing or sale of your accessories. And this is really exciting
Core NFC Enhancements WWDC 2019 Session 715
prototyping using any NDEF-formatted tag regardless of its type. As an example, an NDEF tag can be used in the same manner as a QR code and can easily be integrated into many existing use cases. To extend that even further, using the new tag-writing support in NFC
Introduction to LLDB and the Swift REPL WWDC 2014 Session 409
prototype entire new algorithms from scratch and learn APIs. And we’ve also added the LLDB REPL. Now what’s the difference between the LLDB REPL and Playgrounds? Playgrounds, as I told you and as you saw in Wednesday’s demo which Rick and Connor showed you all the fantastic
Getting Ready for Business Chat WWDC 2018 Session 232
prototyping the new OAuth authentication built-in feature and all the built-in features. It will immediately help you accelerate the ability to get to a Business Chat launch faster. And of course take advantage of the opportunity to start developing your iMessage app as part of the Business Chat
I/O Kit Device Drivers for Mac OS X WWDC 2010 Session 203
prototype all the way to being a product? What do you need to do to harden it and prepare it? And also, what resources Apple has to help you if you get stuck along the way. So how to qualify a driver is an interesting question. And most engineers have
Creating Photo and Video Effects Using Depth WWDC 2018 Session 503
Prototyping in Python. That’s all for me today, let me introduce you to my colleague Ron from video engineering who will be talking about real-time video effects with TrueDepth. Thank you everybody. [ Applause ] Thank you Emmanuel. Great photo effects but what about video. My name is Ron Sokolovsky
Inside SwiftShot: Creating an AR Game WWDC 2018 Session 605
prototyping with those kinds of artwork and get that gameplay down. Because if it’s fun with those boring grey boxes, it’s going to be fun when you add all the graphics and sound later. You should spend time refining that and don’t convince yourself that if I
Performance Optimization on iPhone OS WWDC 2010 Session 131
prototyping your interfaces and features but you should consider that the simulator uses the Mac hardware, that’s the Mac CPU, GPU, disk, the Fast Ethernet, that’s going to give you an unrealistic idea of how your application is going to perform on the device. Now one exception to
Developing Core Image Filters for iOS WWDC 2014 Session 515
prototyping, but then you should try replacing it with some combination of warp and color kernels to get the for the sake of better performance and lower memory usage. And with that I’m going to hand it back over to Alex just to say a few more words before
What’s New in the Accelerate Framework WWDC 2014 Session 703
prototype code. Maybe you want to run the CPU before you deal with GPU stuff. Maybe you want to move code between the CPU and the GPU. Makes it a little bit easier to do that. And finally, SIMD library provides an abstraction over the actual hardware SIMD and the
What’s New in Foundation Networking WWDC 2014 Session 707
prototype object. I don’t want to store anything and I don’t want anybody to know about this resource. I’m going to create a private session. And then I’m going to create a task with that private session and with that URL. So I tell the session
What’s New in Core Location WWDC 2015 Session 714
prototype this and understand the expectation here as the same as if you had specified a requested location, requested desired accuracy of KCL location of 100 meters. This is not location accuracy best, but bear in mind that it will usually be much better than 100 meters. In fact, in
What’s New in Xcode 6 WWDC 2014 Session 401
prototype cell, and I need to associate the class with it. If I pull down this menu, you see that Interface Builder has already recognized our new class using our Swift indexing support. So I’ll select GamesTableView Cell. Now, you may notice there’s a new module field here
Creating Modern Cocoa Apps WWDC 2014 Session 227
prototyping and you can easily edit them, add new features, try it out in the Assistant Editor, or Build and Run, and you get a lot of functionality for free. And also you’re going to compose Storyboards to form more complicated interfaces, so your entire application isn’t in
Presenting Design Work WWDC 2018 Session 811
prototype. And engage in dialogue. A presentation should be a dialogue. Engage with your audience. Design for the aha moment. If you can lead people through your story, their minds will try and predict the ending. This will keep them engaged. Ask them questions. Keep them dialed in. You’re